Our house is on the market as we're waiting to move, but we foolishly sent all our holiday decorations to store in another state. So, I decided to get a little DIY and make ornaments from one of my favorite shows, Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. You say I'm too old for cartoons, I say there's no such thing as "too old" ;) Unless you're pulling people's braids or making spitballs, in which case you are definitely too old.

We have a number of vintage ornaments, many of which are quite simple and several of which are felt. I always thought they were quite charming, so I wanted to do sort of a retro "lo-fi" look, which works well with homemade anyhow. I made a pattern in Illustrator from a picture I drew (it's not traced or a copy of a specific image, honest).

As a bonus, I realized they'd be fairly easy for other people to make too, so they're perfect as an Instructable! (I hope.) I am writing this with people who have virtually no sewing experience in mind, therefore I've tried to be extra thorough in explaining each step.

The only difference between people who can sew, and people who can't, is that the people who can't haven't tried it yet. ;)

If you're worried it's too difficult for you, or you want to make it but have no need for ornaments, check the last page! I've offered some alternative suggestions.

NOTE: I do ask that, as with most Instructables, you respect the time that went into the project and that I made the choice to share it for free. Please don't sell my pattern or any ornaments you make with it.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Starred items are optional but helpful :)
Pattern printout (below, .JPG or .PDF)
Scissors (nice and sharp! It's a good idea to have separate scissors for paper and fabric.)
Small scissors: for cutting details*
A needle (a sharp, fine one is generally best imo)
Straight pins
Stuffing (lots of different kinds out there, they'll all do the trick.)
Tweezers or small locking forceps* (not too pointy is best): to make stuffing easier
Hole punch* (for Finn's eyes)
Fabri-Tac glue*: to hold pieces in place while they're being sewn

For Finn: white, black, red
For Jake: mustard yellow (something between orange and yellow), white, black, red
(Note about felt: I use wool or wool/acrylic blend felt for details, and acrylic for large pieces. Wool comes in fewer colors and the white is generally more cream, but it's thicker and denser so it's easier to cut precisely.)

Ribbon or yarn: for making hanging loop
For Finn: white, black, red
For Jake: yellow/orange/mustard, white, black, red

I'd like to offer some simplification for those who are still intimidated by all the steps. You can glue small pieces down and NOT sew over them. I do recommend that if you do so that you use Fabri-tac glue specifically. It isn't really toxic but you do have to be careful of fumes, and please wash your hands afterwards. The advantages of it are that it's thick (so it won't drip or run) and easy to get in the right place, but it's strong, not hot like hot glue, and won't soak through or discolor your felt like white or similar glues. If you still want to try a little bit of sewing, instead of thread you can sew with a large needle and some yarn, Girl Scout style, to sew the front and back of the head together.

By altering the final step about putting in the loop for hanging, you can change the purpose. So don't be sad if you don't have a Christmas tree//don't celebrate it. It's just as good as a bag decoration, a magnet, an oversized pin, or just to hang on something else. If you want to dangle it from things, try making a very short ribbon loop and adding a jump or split ring to it so you can attach a ball chain or keyring. You can sew a magnet inside or glue it to the back to make a fridge magnet. Or you can use a bar pinback, sewn or hot glued down to the back piece before sewing it to the front, to make a big pin for your bag!

I just made one of Finn for my friend's birthday/Christmas, sadly I couldn't find the right colour of felt for Jake. <br>I sewed the basic outline and just glue everything else on because they were so dainty haha <br>Thank you so much for the pattern~
Adorable! Thanks for sharing...my kids are gonna LOVE these! <br> <br>I use acrylic felt because wool or wool/acrylic is hard to find around here. To cut accurately, I glue the pattern pieces to freezer paper and iron the freezer paper onto the felt. Cut out. Accurate every time, and the freezer paper peels right off.
Hope the picture showed up on this comment:(
This tutorial was so much fun, thank you for sharing:) here is my attempt at your mathematical pattern:) <br> <br>Sorry for picture qaulity :P
where are jakes jowles<br>
where can i buy the felt? O: this is so cute and i really want to make this &gt;.&lt;
I did blanket stitiching around the edges and I used the fabri-tac glue you reccommended, it works well.
That's great! Thanks so much for sharing yours! :D
Hamacow, this is legit! :D
What the cabbage Ricardio
Rhombus! Nice Job houseofdarkly! I'll be posting an instructable very soon that I think as a fellow Adventure Timer, you might enjoy as well!
This is so AWESOME!!! This will go perfectly with the Finn hat I made!
I must agree, these things are way algebraic. I'd love to see some of princess bubblegum and marceline.

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