I'm pretty lazy, especially when it comes to handsewing buttons.  Luckily I can do them by machine!  Some sewing machines have a special button you can press that automatically inputs all the settings you need to do buttons, but not everyone has one of those fancy-pants machines.  Following these instructions you can do this on any machine that can do a zigzag stitch!

Step 1: Choosing Buttons

This method will only work with buttons that have holes all the way through from top to bottom.  It will work with either two holes or four; you'll simply sew one pair of holes at a time.  It will NOT work on buttons that have a shank.  See photo for examples of each.
AHA! I finally know what that funny little foot is for! Thank you! <br>I received an old tin full of different feet and had no idea what most of them were for
<p>You're welcome! I'd never seen it before either until I was given a box of add-ons from the 50's.</p>

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