Picture of SewUseful Plushie Personal Boom-box / Goodnight Pillow
There are people, like my husband, who like to fall asleep in complete silence. Then there is the rest of us, who like background music or soothing sounds to lull us into the nightscape.

Often these silence sleepers complain when we sound sleepers need our noise to catch our 40 winks and we are left with the dilemma - a night of silent insomnia, or strangling in our sleep at the hands of headphones.

Nothing is more useful than something that prevents death, right?
So I made a personal boom-box/ goodnight pillow which only the head that is resting upon can hear.

The perfect solution! And it might even save a marriage or two.

This instructable shows how to make a plushie, functioning personal boom-box. You can stop there if you wish. Or you can go on to make the goodnight radio pillow to rest your weary head. The plushie attaches to the pillow (it also can be removed so the pillow can be washed) and through a series of button holes, the wire is always safely tucked away.

This instuctable has been created for the SEWUSEFUL Instructable/Etsy contest.
If all this seems too time consuming and you just want to get some shut-eye, find this item in my Etsy Shop.

N.B. Unlike the other cushions in my shop, I do not suggest putting pins in this one!!

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wow. you have seriously got talent he/she!Sorry I really don't know. But still pretty good. I like it. wait no i don't. i LOVE it! keep it up!
Fasteners6 years ago
Yeah this is the crills
Flumpkins7 years ago
This really has to be featured! 5/5 and favorites
fox3117 years ago
Nice One To
mikeasaurus7 years ago
"Ahhhh, my ear is right on teh speaker, turn it down, TURN IT DOWN!" just kidding, this is pretty cool! I
jessiep8 years ago
Please add a link in your Instructable to your plushie/pillow's Etsy page, so it can be included in the Sew Useful Contest.
opcp (author)  jessiep8 years ago
ok i have it linked
opcp (author)  jessiep8 years ago
I am still working on the listing