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I was inspired to make this bag after reading about the City of San Fransisco's ban on plastic shopping bags. It is made from pillowcases which are readily available from thrift stores and yard sales in many colors and patterns. A set of these would make a wonderful gift for an eco-conscious friend. They fold up very small to fit in a purse or a pocket. You could even fit one in a large envelope and mail it to your friend!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
2 packages of doublefold bias tape
matching or contrasting thread
plastic shopping bag & large piece of paper (for making pattern)
scissors, pins, sewing machine, iron

Step 2: Making the pattern

Picture of Making the pattern
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Cut plastic bag up both sides, across bottom and across the tops of the handles. You will need one half of the bag to make a pattern.

Draw 2 lines an inch apart at the bottom of your paper.
Line the bottom of the plastic bag up with the top line. You will need the inch below for seam allowance. Make marks at the top of the bag opening and the sides of the handles.

Remove the plastic bag and draw straight lines for the handles. Lay the pillowcase on top of your pattern, to make sure you make the pattern as wide as the pillowcase. Fold the paper in half. Draw curves at the bottom of the handles on both sides. Cut the pattern along those lines and unfold. I extended the length of the straps, but you can make them shorter if you like.

Step 3: Pin and cut

Picture of Pin and cut
Pin the pattern to the pillowcase as shown. Cut the pillowcase along the pattern to make straps. You don't cut the sides or the bottom of the bag, just the shapes for the straps.

Step 4: Apply the binding

Picture of Apply the binding
Pin the bias tape around the opening and the sides of the handles. It is not necessary to bind the tops of the handles. Sew the binding on, close to the inside edge. Press.
BlackSheep14 months ago

if you don't find a plastic bag for a pattern, consider a thrifted tank top. Lay the open bottom of the tank on a fabric fold, draw around and cut out.

lexipain4 years ago
These would be perfect for leaving in the car and would easily washed. Great project.
Dalya7 years ago
That's one old and strong sewing machine xD. Singer machines aren't what they used to be know... Lovely instructable <3. You make it look easy. xD
nolemuyres7 years ago
I searched forever for reasonably priced shoping bags and found your pattern. This is great! I have made a couple and each time it takes less time to complete. (Only about 45 minutes.) I am making some for myself and as teacher gifts for Christmas this year. What a great use for these old pillowcases!!! Thanks!
stellel (author)  nolemuyres7 years ago
I'm glad you are having fun with it! I hpe to make a bunch of them for gifts, too... I guess I'd better get started!
LisaLisa7 years ago
This looks so fun and easy!! You could leave these in your car so you'd be ready any time to use them (maybe I should think about car alternatives). Thanks for a great instructable! Lisa
stellel (author)  LisaLisa7 years ago
Thank you! My goal is to make a whole buch to keep in my car for the grocery store. No "car-alternative" here, we live too far from the nearest store!