Introduction: Sewer Fishing How To

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Hello this is my first post how to sewer fish sewer fishing is leaving a fish trap with bait in a flooded storm drains and catching perch,catfish,bass,chad and sometimes Muskie so you probably asking how?

Step 1: Find a Flooded Storm Drain

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Basically find a storm drain near you you have a better chance of you live in the east in the U.S. And places were it rains alot

Step 2: Make the Trap

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Tie a line to a Popsicle stick to long fishing line put the line on a hook on and but cheese hotdog power bait crickets worms or something else then put the string though the sewer lid hole and wait an hour to a day then check it

Step 3: You're Done! Hope You Got Your Self a Fish

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Hope you got a fish! If you do hope you got dinner too!


Drconnor (author)2015-09-16

Ha yeah XD

seamster (author)2015-09-16

Yum! Nothing better than a fresh sewer fish, am I right? :)

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