Picture of Sewing A Felt Chocolate Chip Cookie
I know I haven't made an instructable in awhile so I made this! This instructable should show you how to make a chocolate chip cookie sewn out of felt! Sorry if this doesn't help or if your confused.... Please give honest feedback so that I could fix any problems in the future. PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW! :)


-Felt OR fabric(I recommend felt)
-a needle

Step 2: The Sewing Pattern

Picture of The Sewing Pattern
You don't need a specific sewing pattern... All you need is to print 2 circles. One should be the size of the cookie and the other should be the chocolate chips. The ones used in the picture has tiny holes in them because I used them a lot

Step 3: Felt Or Fabric

You could use felt or fabric but I'm gonna use felt(I haven't tried making it out of fabric yet but if u do please send me a pic so I can see how it turned out) U could use any color felt/fabric u want but I'm gonna use dark brown and light brown/tan.

Step 4: Pinning The Patterns

Picture of Pinning The Patterns
14, 1:26 PM.jpg
I'm not sure if all of u guys know how to pin it or whatever because for all I know, u could be a beginner so I'm gonna show u how just in case but if u already know then just skip this step.(sorry for my lil rant) take ur patterns and pin them onto the felt ur gonna use. Try pinning them on the edges so u could reuse the felt. CUT OUT 2 OF THE BIG CIRCLES AND ANY AMOUNT FOR THE SMALLER CIRCLES. I would recommend 4-8 though but u obviously don't have to have that amount

Step 5:

Picture of
The chocolate chips(small circles) could be cut in halves or thirds to look more…realistic?(I'm not good with words…sorry)
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How cute! This would make an awesome coin purse!