Sewing Box - All Sewn Up





Introduction: Sewing Box - All Sewn Up

Here is a little project that can be done in the evenings in front of the TV.

I have a TV on my work bench.

Everyone should have one.

Step 1: Getting the Ingredients Together

What do I have here?

I picked up a craft box for cheap. It was a little knocked but nothing that a bit of wood filler won't fix.

Step 2: Sanding and Painting

Simple stuff here. A paint brush and a bit of paint. Bob's your uncle.

Paint test pots are just the right size.

Step 3: Final Finish

I was given a handy hint for cleaning up the dust after sanding.

Use a piece of packing foam and rub down the surfaces.

It is a cheap option than something from the hardware shop.

Step 4: The Adventure Continues

I've got some letters to put on the top of the box

Step 5: Cleaning Up a Botched Job

I made a bit of a mess of painting the letters.

I decided to cover them with felt too.

I like felt.

Step 6: Lunch

Time to relax for a while and let the paint dry.

Step 7: Cut the Felt to Size

I wanted to line the box with felt.

Step 8: The Underside of the Lid

I glued some foam to the underside of the lid for a pincushion.

Step 9: And Here Is the Finished Sewing Box

And here is the finished sewing box



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neat I must have one of those