Picture of Sewing Daisies Kaffe Fusion Blanket
Kaffe Fusion Blanket - by Sewing Daisies

The 'make it up as you go along' blanket.


    * 48x Charm Squares (5"x5" cotton fabric)
    * Sewing Machine
    * Iron
    * Thread
    * Crochet yarn/ Thick thread for blanket stitch
    * Yarn
    * Hook (size appropriate for your chosen yarn)

For the crochet edge: I used Fibranatura Cottonwood (Green/41103) with a 3mm hook.

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Step 1: Charm Square Preparation

Picture of Charm Square Preparation
Step 1a.

a) Organise your squares into 24 sets (set = 1x front & back square) 

b) Arrange your sets into your final layout.

Step 1b.

a) Take a square set & place fabric RIGHT SIDES together

b) Using 0.5cm seam allowance, sew sides together leaving a small gap

c) Turn the squares RIGHT SIDES out (through small gap)

d) Sew the small gap closed.

e) Iron

* Repeat until you have 24 sewn squares.

N.B  RIGHT SIDES = patterned sides

Step 2: Charm Square Topstitch

Picture of Charm Square Topstitch
Step 2.

a) Topstitch all edges with 0.5 seam allowances

b) Tidy up threads

Step 3: Blanket Stitch

Picture of Blanket Stitch
Step 3.

a) Using the Top Stitch seam as a guide, Blanket Stitch along all sides at 1cm intervals.

b) Tie off

N.B This pattern was made up as I went along, so you may find that the 1cm interval will fall short in places, especially at the corners  - THAT'S OKAY!

Click here for Blanket Stitch Instructions
I just love this blanket! It is so beautiful!
sewingdaisies (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thank you Penolopy!
So pretty. I really need to learn to crochet! :)
sewingdaisies (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Great thing about crochet you really only need to know 4 stitches (& they are super easy) and you can make just about anything!