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Introduction: Sewing for Men: Beginner's Project-Dog Bandana

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Not sure many men will be interested in sewing, but you never know. I got interested in sewing about a year ago after telling myself for many years that it would be a very useful and creative tool.  I was right!  Like all endeavors, beginning to sew can be challenging and even daunting, but I have learned alot, and am actually getting better. And there are so many projects one can do if so inclined.  For this first project, I show how to make a bandana for your dog.  Yea, I know, kind of silly, but the dog doesn't seem to mind too much!

Step 1: Cut Out Bandana

This little project requires one piece of material, 17in. x 6.5in.  Make a little larger so that you can sew a hem all around. Cut material in a triangle shape as shown.

Step 2: Sew Hems and Ties

Fold material over itself to have a hem that is a quarter to one half inch in width. Sew all around on machine.  Add ties and sew them on as well.

Step 3: Finished Project

This instructable is more about the project itself rather than a primer on sewing.  There are many, many resources for learning to sew on instructables and the internet.  It is a very useful and fun skill to have.

Step 4: Gallery

What a dog!  (Nice bandana, too.)



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    Great instructable and a great job! And your little Romeo is such a wonderful model.

    I wanted to add, that this smaller triangle with the ties is much better than what they do at the groomers.... cause short little fur ones can trip over the just triangle neck scarves.

    2 replies

    Thank you for your kind words! You're a dog lover too!

    If I was rich I would have a critter shelter and run it. But I only have 5 kitty kats and 3 pups and that is all ..... no, more than I can afford.

    Great looking bandana, your dog looks adorable wearing it!

    1 reply

    Thanks Chrys. That was sweet!

    When my son was quite young he loved seeing me use my "sew machine"
    Excellent Beginners project! Thanks. Caitlan, I didn't know about the rolled hem presser foot. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Nice job. They sell a sewing machine presser foot called a rolled-hem foot that essentially funnels the edge and rolls it into a tiny hem that is sewn. You see that kind of thing on hankerchiefs so you don't have such a big hemmed edge.

    I picked up sewing as a kid, only had brothers in the family so if you wanted something mended, you learn to do it yourself. I never regarded sewing as gender-specific but an essential skill.

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    Thanks caitlinsdad! Nice comments, too. I have a lot to learn, so try to take it as I can. I always regarded it as gender-specific, but time changed that...and you are right, it is an essential skill.