Step 1: You will need

You will need:

- Jars

- Fabric

- Batting

- Spray Paint

- Hot Glu
- Yarn Spools

more pictures at http://fun.kyti.me
<p>Sweeet idea:) I'm going to make these for my sons and daughter for Christmas. They all learned how to sew by hand and on a sewing machine:):) Very proud they can:):):) But they can't seem to have a kit of their own, always asking me for the hand kit(not that I mind). This is perfect, they will all have a laugh and appreciate it at the same time:):) Thanks for the post and God Bless:):):)</p>
How on earth did you think of this!! Clever!
its really cute and awesome! i just hope mine will not fall of my table.
Great Mother's Day present!
What all do you put in it?<br> Plese Respond thanks!
So cute! I've been storing sewing odds and ends in a jar for a while-- but I never thought to put a pin cushion right on top. Perfect!
What an awesome idea! Def gonna do this one (I can never find my sewing stuff in one place!! lol)
I have to say I love this. Fantastic work!
What a great idea! So cute!
Very clever and would make such a useful gift. Wish I had thought of it years ago when I put together some very expensive sewing kits for family one Christmas....they often tell me how much they use them....everyone needs a sewing kit!
Cute. Simple. Useful I like it.

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