Picture of Sewing Kit in a Jar

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need

You will need:

- Jars

- Fabric

- Batting

- Spray Paint

- Hot Glu
- Yarn Spools

more pictures at http://fun.kyti.me

Step 2: How to

Picture of How to
Make sure your fabric is not too thick.
1. Cut out a cardboard circle with the size of your jar top.
2. Spray paint jar ring.
3. Lay batting on top and slide the jar ring over it.
4. Glue the metal circle of the jar top on top of the cardboard circle.

Step 3: Spray paint the silhouette stencil

Picture of Spray paint the silhouette stencil
To pimp up the jar a little, I made a silhouette stencil out of paper (Download) and then spray painted the cut out. You could also use chalk labels like here.

Step 4: Et Voila!

Picture of Et Voila!
you are finished. fill with yarns and buttons!

curly gurly5 months ago
How on earth did you think of this!! Clever!
its really cute and awesome! i just hope mine will not fall of my table.
Piggie_Mash2 years ago
Great Mother's Day present!
What all do you put in it?
Plese Respond thanks!
So cute! I've been storing sewing odds and ends in a jar for a while-- but I never thought to put a pin cushion right on top. Perfect!
mgroodt3 years ago
What an awesome idea! Def gonna do this one (I can never find my sewing stuff in one place!! lol)
xavec3 years ago
I have to say I love this. Fantastic work!
Lindie4 years ago
What a great idea! So cute!
smortimer14 years ago
Very clever and would make such a useful gift. Wish I had thought of it years ago when I put together some very expensive sewing kits for family one Christmas....they often tell me how much they use them....everyone needs a sewing kit!
anode5054 years ago
Cute. Simple. Useful I like it.