Picture of Sewing Organizer
This is a great organizer for any tailor/seamstress and also it's kind of an art on the wall. I can never find in the craft stores the perfect spools holder so I decided to create a little something for any busy tailor/seamstress. You can hang the board anywhere in the room and it keeps everything in place, organized. You don't have to waste time looking around, It's right there!!!
Makes life easier.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
2 Masonite pegboards 48 L X 24 W:
Upholstery material- 51 L X 27 W , plus another �pockets and pin cushion:
Batting -48L X 24W:
Sewing machine, scissors, thread, iron, pins, pliers, staple gun, 12 long wire, 1 yard ribbon
Bolts- 3- 1" length:
14 zinc fender washer-3/16 ~ 1 s-1/8~1

Step 2: First step

Picture of first step
The first thing you do is put both pegboards together matching the holes. Then measure about 4" from the top. Take two 1" bolts, two nuts and wire 12" long;
Screw the bolts in about 9 apart from the middle center and tight around the both ends of the wire. So now you are done with the part where you are going to hang the board;
Next thing you do is use that 1/2 yard of material and cut the pockets. Here I made 3 different sizes pockets;
-1 pocket- 3"W X 15" L.
-2 pocket - 7"W X 4"L.

-3 pocket- 9-1/2 "W X 6"L.
( you can use different sizes or variations of pockets)

hem the top edge of each pocket, use pins and place it in about 5 from the bottom of the material ( for the board 51" by 27") you leave the extra 3" that we are going to fold on the back of the board;
sew the pockets and iron for better look, then place the ribbon at the back edge of the pockets and sew the top of the ribbon at each side of all pockets. Now you have a little organized area where you can hang pens, markers, notes, cards, safety pins or anything you like.
Shela2 years ago
I like this, will have to try for my sewing room, great idea.
saleyla (author) 6 years ago
i think i just fixed it !!! Yeahhh:))))
For some reason all the measurements show up as things like "forty-eight a accent circonflex euro symbol" or "A accent circonflex one half" Help?
saleyla (author)  rosa draconum7 years ago
YES,that's weird,i edited in inches,i don't know why it shows like that,sorry!
can you fix it???
Nneave6 years ago
Wow what a great idea, thank you.
nikkishell7 years ago
GREAT!!! I've been meaning to make something similar to this to keep all my sewing bits and pieces in order.
saleyla (author)  nikkishell7 years ago
yes,i love it too,everything is in place now
HamO7 years ago
Nicely done, great idea. You're a seamstress, why is a man a tailor and not a "seamster"? hehe
saleyla (author)  HamO7 years ago
that's funny?
jessiep7 years ago
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