Picture of Sewing Simple Circuits

This is a set of simple instructions for when introducing soft circuits to kids. By sewing with conductive thread, kids will light up an LED with a button battery.

Step 1: What you will need:

Picture of What you will need:

Fabric (square or cut out shape; pocket for battery)

Needles (wide eyes for those new to sewing; pre-thread if needed)


Conductive thread

Regular thread




seamster1 year ago

Nice project, thanks for sharing!

This Is great!

1) What kind of battery is that?

2) Can you explain how to do this with multiple LED's still using just one battery?

3) Where did you get your the conductive thread?

sicchio (author)  maura.mckay.71 year ago


1) it's a lithium coin battery (CR2023)

2) Just keep sewing the negative side of the first LED to the negative side of the next LED and the same for the positive sides, to daisy chain them and add more

3) You can find conductive thread at Sparkfun, Adafruit or even Amazon

Hope that helps :)

And to turn it off, simply reverse the battery!