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Introduction: Sewing Spa Slippers

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Humans need shoes for walking.
These spa slippers are for treating tired soles that like to relax, maybe after a refreshing shower or at the spa, or simply stepping around the house in style!

Treat your feet with these fluffy soft micro-fleece luxurious embroidered spa slippers, available online exclusively from Everywear!

This is the perfect gift to get for yourself, your sweetheart or your mom!, you can make them yourself, just follow these instructions!

A download pattern can be found at BurdaStyle, free, just sign up:

Step 1: What You Need

Look through your fabric piles: find fleece, or other fluffy comfty fabric.
You'll need a sewing machine, needles, pins, thread and scissors.

For the sole, some anti-skid fabric is ideal, it will prevent you from making skates instead of slippers.
For a soft sole, some sponge or rubber and fusible interfacing for stiffness.
For the trims you'll need double folded bias tape.

Paper is good for the pattern, and a pencil for drawing the pattern.

Step 2: Pattern and Cutting Out

Transfer the pattern onto the paper.
Check that it fits, by stepping onto the sole pattern piece. It's got to be long and wide enough around your sole.

There's an oval for the sole, and half and oval for the upper layer.

Size: 8-9 US (38-39 European)
Length = 10" (26cm)
Width = 4" (10cm)
Top Length = 6" (16cm)

Pattern pieces:
Sole - left and right
Upper - left and right

Cut out:
Left and right sole out of fleece, rubber sponge, fusible interfacing, anti-skid fabrics
Left and right upper layer out of fleece

Step 3: Embroider

Bias trim by itself can act as a contrasting detail on any item. For even more embellishment, instead of simply sewing a straight stitch to attach the bias tape, I chose to go with a repeating embroidery motif in contrasting thread, as a highlight.

Sew two or more more lines of the same embroidery motif, in mirror view and contrasting thread over the fabric.

This creates an interesting embellishment for a simple fabric.

Embroider as you like the upper layer of fleece, and trim the straight edge with the bias tape.

Step 4: Assemble

Iron on the sole fleece, on the wrong side the fusible interfacing.
Do this for both left and right sole.


Place the anti-skid fabric face down.
Put the corresponding rubber/sponge over it.
Lay on top the fused fleece, with the interfacing facing down and the right side of the fleece face up.

Place the upper layer on top, position it on the front tip of the sole.
Pin it in place around the edges.

Repeat for the other sole.

Machine sew around with a simple straight stitch.

Step 5: Trim With Bias Tape

Attach the bias tape and sew it around the sole. Do the same with the opposite shoe.

And there you have it!
Instant spa slippers, made easy!

For even more fun, try adding a little light in the front tip, like the one you put to your key chain. So when you step it lights up! It will help find your way around the house in the dark at night.

Or put a vibrating mechanism with batteries inside the sole, so you get a good foot massage. Make sure you leave room to change the batteries...



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    Oooh, just re-discovered this instructable, just in time for Christmas presents. Will have to see if I can personalise in a novel way for the family.

    Excellent! Surely warm and comfortable!

    çok güzel olmuş kenarlarınada piko çok ykışmış

    The Alice pattern at BurdaStyle is now $2.00. Please check before attempting a download as nearly everything has a price tag. The generic sleep mask found on the net has a $1.00 price tag. The team has changed focus from open to open register.

    mm always wonder how to do some of that ones, much cheaper and customized like you want , many thanks ; )


    where is the pattern to cut out this spa day slippers?

    I have to disagree with your statement that humans need shoes. We're bipedal animals, we're equipped with what we need.

    Of course, if you're raised with shoes, your feet get soft and ill-formed, and you build up a dependency on footwear. :-P

    That said, these look really comfy. _

    2 replies

    Oh yes, lets all go barefoot and receive 3rd degree burns and blisters from hot asphalt and pavement and concrete until we build up enough callouses to protect us, and that will be a happy day because those horned hard calloused hoof feet are always an attractive plus, especially in bed. lol

    Hehe :) yes, being raised in shoes, I can't do very well without them. Plus, shoe shopping acts good as therapy ;) for us females anyway I remember once in the mountains in a little village back home, my friend walked without his shoes on a paved road until the 3rd house on the left, which was almost 2 miles away :) When he arrived, the lady said: "I understand why you are not wearing shoes, they must be very expensive in the city!" He got a goood foot massage :)


    These shoes were made for walking! I guess that's what I'll do next :) thanks for the tutorial

    Hey those do look incredibly comfy! Good job!

    Lol! Thanks! These have the rubber dots on the anti-skid sole, so static should not be a problem... ;) I'm new here, does anyone know how do I add these to more groups?

    6 replies

    Once you become a member of a groups, you can click the "Add this Instructable to one of your groups" link on the right sidebar.

    The timestamp on my comment is off. My clock says 12:06 PST So shouldn't the time stamp be shortly after noon PST or 3pm EST? Did I pass thru some sort of time warp? Or did your server? BTW: Your site is very slow to download is that at your end or mine? I have DSL, P4, 512 RAM. There is a lot of "stuff" on you pages.

    Hahaha missing fat on the bottom of the feet :) never thouth there was fat there... Keep sewing and post your results! Would love to see them! I guess the server's time is off..we are a little after 3pm EST, the server must be behind. My site loads...maybe some of the pictures are pretty big...or maybe wordpress or etsy? is a little slower today...

    The slippers are on hold. Right now I'm trying to get a SewUseful instructable done. I know from experience there are nerves at the bottom of the heel that go up the leg to the tailbone and it is best not to irritate them. And lack of padding, internal or external is necessary for keeping the nerves calm. I could have been more clear, I intended the technical stuff for Eric or some other geek with close personal connections to the server. Time is now 12:55 PST the noon news is almost over.

    Our severs are on Zulu time, or something. They periodically get out of sync, but that will be corrected shortly.

    Hmmm...don't let those heel nerves get angry :) Maybe adding some of Dr. Scholl's accessories inside the slipper sole would add more padding...I wish I thought of that before sewing them. And Oh! I get it now with the comment...kind of a geek myself :) but no personal connections to that server...

    Very nice. Look quite comfy. I've been thinking of making something like this for my dad and mom to keep their toes warm. Maybe myself. I need serious padding on the sole, so I'll have to add some more layers, foam... The doctor said I don't have enough fat on the bottom of my feet. I said that would be the only place on my body!

    lol thos look soft! Lol this reminds me of that episode of family guy where peter buys tho's footy pajamas and creates a static, to shock ppl 'im not sure why tho.' anyway, these look nice, almost storebought :-)