I have always had trouble making tidy corners for 3-D sewing projects. Since I worked out this technique I thought I'd share; it works well on heavier fabrics and for projects like fabric baby blocks where it really shows if you fudge the corner.

Hope this tutorial is helpful; leave a comment if you have questions.


Step 1: Cut Out Your Fabric

In this example I'm making a cube so I cut out 6 identical squares of fabric but this technique works for any project where you need three pieces to intersect in a perfect 90 degree corner.

You'll also need a sewing machine.

(I also let my daughter decorate the fabric to make blocks for her cousin--this step is optional ;)
Thank soooo much!!!!! It works like a bom :))
That is great ! <br>Thank you ever so much for your kindness.<br>Easy understanding and well photo..<br>I made it. <br>Thanks again.<br><br>Joy. Chiangmai , Thailand.
Thanks alot for that info you make it look so simple;especilly with the photos
I think I sort of had this idea when I was working on corners (and other tricky junctures), but I would always forget from one project to the next. (One always gets frustrated near the end and thinks it's time to swear the seams into submission; rarely works.) Thanks much for the writeup!
Thank you, I might try it (again) now, with new hope!
This is great. I fought and fought with this when making my Robot plushie. Then again, I also took the lazy route and cute out a + and one extra square. :P
Yep, that's what I had been trying to do, cut as few pieces as possible, but it always came out funky and this seems to work so much better!
Nicely explained! <br/>Corners are <em>hard</em>.<br/>
Thank you for sharing! This will definitely come in handy.

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