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In this instructable we will create a simple zipper pencil pouch. We will assume that this is your first sewing project and you know nothing about machine sewing.

The skills this instructable covers extend beyond simply making a pencil pouch and will help prepare you for more complex sewing projects.

This instructable will include the following information:

  • Creating a sketch
  • Choosing and identifying materials
  • Creating a pattern
  • Installing the correct presser foot
  • Instructions on assembling a zipper pouch

Step 1: Sketching your pencil pouch

Picture of Sketching your pencil pouch

The first step to bringing this project to life is creating a sketch! We will be making a simple zipper pencil pouch. A sketch is important to help visualize your idea, record dimensions, and create a pattern.

You might find it helpful to draw the project from multiple views depending on complexity

  • front
  • back
  • side
  • bottom
  • details
  • flat net shape

I wanted my zipper pouch to hold a few of my favorite drawing supplies, so I designed it to be slightly longer than the biggest pen. For me this happened to be 7.5 inches long and 4 inches tall. If you'd like your pouch to be a different size you can adjust the dimensions to suit your needs. Try to keep the shape a rectangle so you can follow along on how to sew it together in the next few steps. Remember to purchase a zipper that is the correct size for your design.

When sketching my idea I first drew it from a three quarter perspective view to get the general idea of what I'd be making onto paper.

I then drew it from a front view so I could easily mark relevant dimensions.

Finally I drew out what I thought the net (or flat) shape of the pouch might look like and transferred the dimensions from my front view drawing to the net shape drawing.


Expertly crafted instructable. The devil is in the details and you covered them thoroughly.

spunk1 year ago

Very nice and detailed instructions!

I especially like the design of the instructable :) - How did you manage to place pictures outside the "picture box" ?

rlciavar (author)  spunk1 year ago

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You can place media outside the "picture box" by editing the html.

There's a button that looks like this: </> in the top left hand corner of the instructable editing window. It will allow you to insert media directly to the text field.

spunk rlciavar1 year ago

Ah, I see.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with html...

If there was a "Inserting pictures in html for beginners"- instructable I'd definitely read it... hint hint ;)