I'm going to show you the basic techniques that I use when I'm sewing. You can go through the information here and practice it on a scrap of fabric, or go ahead and start any sewing project and come back here if you get stuck!

Step 1: General Sewing Terms.

Right side  - This is the patterned side of the cloth, or the side that you want to show on the outside.

Wrong side  - This is the back of the cloth, the un-patterned side, the side you don't want people to be able to see. Usually the wrong side of the fabric ends up on the inside of your sewing.

Seam - The line where the stitches hold two bits of cloth together.

This is just great! Your drawings are very clear and easy to follow.
Nice pictures for knot tying!
Thanks! :)
Nice, clear instructions and the drawings are so much clearer than photos would be.<br><br>Good job.

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