Step 5: Finishing Knot.

Picture of Finishing Knot.
This is for when you get to the end of the bit you are sewing or if you think your thread might be running out and you want to get a new piece.

1. Do your last stitch but don't pull it tight down flat on the fabric, leave it a bit loopy. 

2. Go through the loop with the needle, then pull the stitch flat. This will make a knot. It's best to do a double knot though. 

3. Go under the last stitch where the knot is with your needle, don't pull the thread all the way through though, leave a loose loop of thread.

4. Put your needle through this loop and pull flat to make a double knot.

And that's it! You should be able to get started on some projects now. Check out my other 'Instructables' for ideas!

anca1 year ago
This is just great! Your drawings are very clear and easy to follow.