Composition books are a staple in back to school supplies, but disguise them in pretty fabric and they can infiltrate other areas in your life and serve a purpose at the same time.

Although I do appreciate them and their black and white marble existence, I do not think they fit my sense of style and individuality. I remember coloring in the little white bits but once that is done what's next? Recently, I was in need of a sewing journal. Internet research led me to a few tutorials for composition book covers that looked great but didn't fit my needs perfectly so I made a few changes that made sense for me.

You to can enjoy these simple notebooks in a new and different way! Just think all the scrap fabric used to make covers for different people and events: school, sewing journal, journals, bridal planner, travel journal,bridal shower, vacation activity book, and countless others since you can use it for anything you need.

It is simple enough, lots of rectangles, and sewing straight lines. I have a sewing class that tackled this project and all of them did very well, it'll be a great accomplishment carrying around your new sewing journal to write down all your awesome projects or seeing your kids doodle pictures or stories in theirs.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
cotton fabric by the yard in color coordinating prints or solids
(I found fat quarters on sale and used those, they came in a covenant bundle and the 18"x22" pieces were plenty large)

by the yard
3/8 yard main fabric (cover)
3/8 yard lining
1/4 yard sleeves and pockets
3/8 yard light weight fusible interfacing
decorative elastic or fold over elastic) that matches your color scheme

cutting tool/ scissors(I have a fabric strip rotary cutter)
tailors chalk/pencil
sewing machine
composition book ($1@the dollar store)

****If you have scraps you spend nothing on the fabric if on sale you can sometimes get all you need for less than $10 cheap easy and looks great****

patches,buttons, rhinestones to decorate with
<p>the PDF download is not working!!</p>
There is a list of the sizes you will cut, since they are all rectangles it would be tedious to cut out a pattern of one then again a piece of fabric. There is no pdf, sorry!!
it is really intresting. I love it
glad you like it :-) thanks
<p>I love DIY!! Have bookmarked it.</p>
thanks :-) I'm a big believer in diy as well, happy diy-ing

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