Sewing for Beginners - Lined, Zippered Change Purse

Picture of Sewing for Beginners - Lined, Zippered Change Purse
 There is no hand sewing in this project!  My hand sewing skills are...limited...so I tend to avoid doing it as much as possible.  

This pattern makes a change purse that's 4" x 3 1/4" (10 x 8 cm).  By increasing the size of the fabric pieces and the zipper, you could easily make pencil cases, makeup bags or whatever you need a zippered pouch for.

Like this pattern and want to try something bigger?
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Step 1: You'll need:

4 pieces of fabric that are 5" x 4" (12.5 x 10 cm)
1 lightweight dress/pant zipper (generally they're 7", 18 cm, long)
matching thread
sewing machine
steam iron & ironing board

Step 2: Zipper to first side

Picture of Zipper to first side
1b needle pos.JPG
1b sew.JPG
Starting with the outer fabric facing up and the zipper facing down, line up the bottom of the zipper with the edge of the fabric.  Pin zipper carefully to the long edge of the fabric.  At the sewing  machine, position the needle as far left as it will go (or use a zipper foot, just avoid catching the zipper teeth with the needle).  Sew along the edge of the zipper teeth.  A 1/4" (0.6 cm) seam allowance is provided.

Step 3: Lining to first side

Picture of Lining to first side
Place the lining piece, face down, on top of the  seam from the previous step.  You'll be sandwiching the zipper between the two layers of fabric.  Sew along the zipper edge again using the same seam allowance.  **you may not be able to see the zipper, but you'll feel it against the edge of the presser foot.**

Step 4: Zipper to second side

Picture of Zipper to second side
3b needle pos.JPG
Repeat the last two steps with the other side of the zipper and the remaining two pieces of fabric.  
**Note: It's easier to sew the second half of the zipper if you reset the needle position of your machine to the far right and line up the zipper teeth to the right of the presser foot.  This way, the feed dogs will feed the zipper and fabric through in exactly the same way as the first side and things will line up properly when you're done.**  Reset your machine to the original needle position.  Press seam allowances towards the lining.
krabaple7 months ago

Clarification: So, in step 5 when you create the pouch, you simply cut the end of the zipper that's too long?

thenurse4 years ago
I have never sewn a zipper and have read numerous instructions. Yours actually makes sense to me - thanks for your effort and very nice instructable.
I've been looking for exactly this sort of help!! Thanks so much! :0)