There is no hand sewing in this project!  My hand sewing skills are...limited...so I tend to avoid doing it as much as possible.  

This pattern makes a change purse that's 4" x 3 1/4" (10 x 8 cm).  By increasing the size of the fabric pieces and the zipper, you could easily make pencil cases, makeup bags or whatever you need a zippered pouch for.

Like this pattern and want to try something bigger?

Step 1: You'll Need:

4 pieces of fabric that are 5" x 4" (12.5 x 10 cm)
1 lightweight dress/pant zipper (generally they're 7", 18 cm, long)
matching thread
sewing machine
steam iron & ironing board
<p>Did it! This is the first thing I have ever made from scratch. Thank you for sharing this! It was very fun! </p>
That's awesome! Keep sewing, your project looks great ?
<p>Clarification: So, in step 5 when you create the pouch, you simply cut the end of the zipper that's too long?</p>
I have never sewn a zipper and have read numerous instructions. Yours actually makes sense to me - thanks for your effort and very nice instructable.
I've been looking for exactly this sort of help!! Thanks so much! :0)

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