Introduction: Sewing the Owl

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My daughter loves owls. She dressed up as one for the school parade. What better summer fun could there be than to sew an owl pillow!

Disclosure - my daughter age 8 - and my wife are responsible for the owl,  I merely served in a supportive capacity.

Step 1: Create a Design!

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The subject was easy---owls. My daughter also loves stuffed toy animals...or in this case a pillow. They thought about what were the key elements to visually create the owl.

Step 2: Collect Materials

Picture of Collect Materials

My wife and daughter visited a fabrics store and picked up lots of materials to create the owl.

Step 3: Transfer the Design, Cut Out Components

Picture of Transfer the Design, Cut Out Components

Simplify the design in basic shapes, Cut the shapes out and use paper shapes as patterns to trace on the material swatches. Cut out the shapes from the materials.

Step 4: Sew It All Together!

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Sew the shapes onto the the front piece of the owl. Think of this as a painting, were you put objects in the foreground on top of a background. In the case of the owl, headpiece, wings, and eyes were all sewn onto the body piece.

Step 5: Finish It Off!

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Create a backing and attach the finished front to the back. Fill the owl with stuffing. Close the owl off and viola A wonderful stuffed pet handcrafted by my daughter (or one of you) in the spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder!


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