So, you see fabric photo frames in stores, and being sold by crafters on Etsy, & Amazon, yet ...you wonder how they could be sustainable, washable even? How about having them sewn? WELL...

I did it! I have invented 3 new ways to make fabric photo frames, 2 of which are WASHABLE!

In this instructable, you will see photos, a link to a video tutorial, plus photo & text step by step instructions on making washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.

2 sizes of washable, sewn, fabric photo frames from Kristie Hubler / Fabricated Frames, with washable fabric picture frame sewing pattern and tutorial, were featured in Sew It Today magazine, issue 11, August / September 2014 issue, page 55-59, titled "Framed", featuring Fabric Editions / Fabric Loft "Trapeze" collection, chevron and large medallion, available in Target.

All you'll need to sew & make a washable, fabric photo frame is:

1/4 yard up to 2 yards of fabric, depending on size of frame

1 to 2 rolls of Ultrahold, acid free, paper backed, iron on, fabric adhesive that you print the patterns onto with your inkjet printer - also gives structure to the frame, and allows for the frame to stand upright on a table or shelf

1 50 page pack of acid free sheet protector page - for protective photo sleeve

3/8" wide to 1 1/2" wide by 9" length of ribbon, width depends on size of frame - connects the strut leg pocket to the back of the frame, allowing for the tabletop frame to stand up

20x30" piece of mat board or cardboard - for removable easel back & strut leg boards, that slide out of their respective pockets on the back of the frame - buy at Michaels for $5

2500m roll of Gutermanns thread at JoAnn Fabric



embroidery scissors and fabric scissors, plus paper scissors

sewing machine, plus extra denim weight needles

straight pins

inkjet printer

ruler, pen, Sharpie marker

optional: self healing mat, mini craft iron, rotary fabric cutter, utility knife (to cut mat board or cardboard), paper trimmer

I have 6 sizes, 6 patterns in one $5 download at Craftsy at


for you to sew & make your own washable, fabric photo frames!

I also have 2 blog posts with photo and text step by step tutorials to sew & make washable, fabric photo frames at

http://fabricatedframes.blogspot.com/2015/02/creat... &


The amazing aspect of this project, actually all 3 fabric photo frame inventions, is that you can print my patterns DIRECTLY ONTO Thermoweb Heat n Bond Ultrahold, a paper backed, iron on, fabric adhesive, that is acid free, great for photos! The cheapest place you can find Ultrahold is at Michaels craft store or at http://www.michaels.com/10407676.html

It is $8.99 per 5 yard roll, yields 32 8 1/2" x 11" pieces of Ultrahold to print patterns, and be sure to use Michaels 50% off store coupon, to save money

All 3 types of fabric photo frame inventions are copyright protected by Kristie Hubler, inventor & owner of http://fabricatedframes.com, for:

washable, sewn, fabric photo frames

washable, no sew, fabric photo frames

non washable, no sew, fabric covered board parts for fabric photo frames

All Rights Reserved. For personal use only. Not for resale.

Patterns sold at:




fabricatedframes.com is a proud friend of Thermoweb and is featured on http://www.thermowebonline.com/k/friends-of-therm...

http://www.lulu.com/shop/kristie-hubler/fabricate... $7 eBook with pattern download printables to make washable sewing & non washable no-sew fabric photo frames, six sizes each kind at Lulu.com

Buy fabric cut & sew patterns to make washable, sewn, & no sew, fabric photo frames at http://zazzle.com/fabricatedframes/fabric?rf=2380...

My pattern book is available at http://lulu.com/spotlight/fabricatedframes with 6 sizes/patterns to make non washable, no sew, and washable, sewn, fabric photo frames, 6 sizes each and also

on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Fabricated-Frames-Instructi...

Thank you!

artist, author, inventor, pattern designer, owner Kristie Hubler



Deptford, NJ

<p>Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! </p>
<p>Thank you tomatoskins! I really appreciate that! Take care!</p><p>Kristie Hubler, artist, author, pattern maker, owner of <a href="http://fabricatedframes.com" rel="nofollow"> http://fabricatedframes.com </a> washable, fabric photo frames &amp; fashion jewelry brooch pins with removable parts, house shaped kitchen pot holders, tree ornaments</p><p>sewing and craft pattern download printables at <a href="http://craftsy.com/user/2496069/pattern-store" rel="nofollow"> http://craftsy.com/user/2496069/pattern-store </a> with my art to print onto June Tailor washable, colorfast, inkjet printer fabric sheets, &amp; patterns to print directly onto Thermoweb Heat n Bond Ultrahold, a paper backed, iron on, fabric adhesive, used as patterns, that you can print directly onto - both available at JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels</p>

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