Sewn Knee High Stocking





Introduction: Sewn Knee High Stocking

I found this cool stretchy fabric and really wanted to turn it into over the knee socks, so I measured around my thigh and calf, and finally found a shape that would work for a stocking and cut the pattern from newspaper and sewed them up. I tried making a tube in the beginning, but that wouldn't work for me unfortunately.



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    About 30 inches depending on the length you'd like. I posted this just to get the idea out there, there is a lot of measuring to get just right around your thigh & calf. My calf muscles make it so tube socks never fit me.

    if you mark and cut 45 degrees across the grain, you can do this with non stretch fabrics as well. most woven fabrics have quite a bit of give 45 degrees off grain.
    try it for yourself, if you are wearing a t-shirt right now, pull up/down, then left/right, very little stretch, if any, right?, now do it at 45 degrees.

    Thank you! A friend ruined a pair of socks I have that are similar a couple years ago... I always wanted to replace them, but never wanted to take the time to figure out a pattern.