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I found this cool stretchy fabric and really wanted to turn it into over the knee socks, so I measured around my thigh and calf, and finally found a shape that would work for a stocking and cut the pattern from newspaper and sewed them up. I tried making a tube in the beginning, but that wouldn't work for me unfortunately.


DylanD6 (author)2015-07-29

Wondering how much fabric this takes?

moxiepurple (author)DylanD62015-07-30

About 30 inches depending on the length you'd like. I posted this just to get the idea out there, there is a lot of measuring to get just right around your thigh & calf. My calf muscles make it so tube socks never fit me.

Lunera (author)2011-05-21

if you mark and cut 45 degrees across the grain, you can do this with non stretch fabrics as well. most woven fabrics have quite a bit of give 45 degrees off grain.
try it for yourself, if you are wearing a t-shirt right now, pull up/down, then left/right, very little stretch, if any, right?, now do it at 45 degrees.

gradhdhu (author)2011-05-17

Thank you! A friend ruined a pair of socks I have that are similar a couple years ago... I always wanted to replace them, but never wanted to take the time to figure out a pattern.


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