Step 3: Makeup

This is always the fun part.

Here's what I usually use:
- Light/Dark Red Face Paint
- Black Paint Paint
- Red Acrylic Paint
- Foundation
- Fake Blood

And every once in a while, I will use gray or yellow paint, or black fake blood.

This part is completely up to you. It is your image, you create it! It's important to develop your own techniques and style.

Just remember: Practice makes perfect!
Thanks everyone!
Wow! Great work. And what a fun, uncommon talent you have! Will have to try my hand at this sometime.
<p>Awesome, I'm going to have to try this. Put it in the favorites.</p>
cool :)
Unfair with your sexy face ;P
This is so cool!<br>
wow!!! So graphic!!!!!!!!!!!
Very cool for Halloween
Creepy but COOL!
_<br> ( ((<br> \ =\<br> __\_ `-\ <br>(____)) ( \----<br>(____)) _ <br> (____))<br> (___))____/----<br><br>This is pretty cool.
Cool and scary

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