This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and a great way to bring a little hilarity into your morning routine if you have a roommate/house-mate/flat-mate/whatever. The premise is simple, sew shut the sleeve or sleeves (or leg or legs) of your roommate's favorite jacket/shirt/pants when they're not around.

Step 1: Materials

For this prank you will need:

-- An article of clothing for your target
-- A needle
-- Thread of a color similar to that of your target garment
nice! i think you should post how to reverse it... for the dumb people out there... -gamer
Reversal is simple, just take the thread out. This is facilitated by not tying the thread off when you have finished sewing the sleeve or leg shut.
ohh... great! nice instructable! i really wanna vote for it, but i dont know if i can vote for like 10 instructables... lol. u deserve it. voting right now! -gamer

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