Picture of Sexy Bunny Costume
Here is a cheap and easy way to make a Sexy Bunny Costume for Halloween.

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
1. A T-shirt
2. Shirt
3. Ribbon
4. Black leggings
5. A headband
6. A bow tie
7. Buttons
8. Furry cloth
9. Cardboard

Step 2: Tools you will need

Picture of Tools you will need
1. Glue gun
2. Chalk
3. A needle
4. Thread
5. Scissors

Step 3: Mark the t-shirt and cut.

Picture of Mark the t-shirt and cut.
Draw the outline of your bodysuit onto the t-shirt with chalk. When you are happy with the shape, cut it out using scissors so that you cut front and back and end up with two identical pieces of fabric.

Step 4: Sew around the t-shirt

Picture of Sew around the t-shirt
Sew down the sides of the outfit and across the lower part in a way that you end up with two leg holes.

Using pins to hold the fabrics in place while you sew will ensure an even seam.

Flip it inside out when you are done so that the seams are on the inside.

Step 5: Make the tail

Picture of Make the tail
Ball up your furry fabric to make a tail and sew it onto the back.

Step 6: Make the ears

Cut an ear shape out of a piece of white paper.

Trace the ear onto a piece of cardboard and cut that out as well. Repeat this so that you have two cardboard ears.

Next, using your black leggings, trace and cutout four identical ear shapes.

Place two leggings cutouts together and sew around the edge (leaving a hole at the bottom). Flip the ear inside out. Repeat this with the other two pieces of legging so that you are left with two ear pockets.

Stuff the cardboard inside the legging ears.

Trace the ears one last time onto the furry fabric. Cut out and hot glue the furry fabric onto the front of the ears.

Attach the ears to the headband with hot glue.

Step 7: Cut the shirt

Picture of Cut the shirt
Cut the cuffs off a white dress shirt and replace the boring buttons that are there with something more cool.

Step 8: Hop to it

Picture of Hop to it
Get your whole outfit together and try it on.
:) awesome
OMG kinda sums it up.
I think I'm in love.....
vruiz33 years ago
wobbler5 years ago
This Instructible just doesn't work. I've made one exactly as stated and I don't look anything like that in it. My wife agrees with me on this one too. Maybe I need a different door to stand in front of?
joel383 wobbler4 years ago
good one, sir.
rkumarsaini4 years ago
hi sexy
rkumarsaini4 years ago
prop master4 years ago
the costume is good alne but with her in it is even beter
jeff-o6 years ago
Can you write an instructable on how to convince one's wife to wear this?
hernanai jeff-o6 years ago
I think the wife might question the origin of the costume WAY before I even mention her wearing it....
exactly, i can imagine that...well honey, i found it on a website with a hot girl at least 20 years younger than you with many revealing photos of her......*slap!*
Say a friend (usually a male friend) gave you some advice to spice of the love life and this is the result.

Or you could go to Joanne Fabrics and buy some costume patterns and claim you "modified them" for fun.

Speaking as another man's wife, lay it out on the bed and your black silk boxers to match.  Don't explain, that will only go badly.  Just look at her with 'that' look and start getting into your costume.  Or tell her you saw it on a dummy and thought she would make it look so much better than a wooden woman.

lol =)
luvit5 years ago
your competition is tough...click  here 
hishealer5 years ago

When I make this, I guarantee my husband will not let me go trick or treating...>.> *rushes to the thrift store to get started*

mikeasaurus6 years ago

I like how almost all the instructables you've posted involve the word sexy in the title. Is there some magical closet you've got with an endless supply of old oversized t-shirts?!

Great instructable btw, you are truly a master of recycling clothing into fun wear!
Check the thrift stores, there are tons of them for cheap!
It's like that old saying, how does it go? When the only tag you've got is 'sexy', every instructable looks like...
Goodhart5 years ago

Your instructable is very well explained.  Nice job.....I am sorry I missed this until now.

Spartan8575 years ago
You are gorgeous!
jaythedogg5 years ago
I would like to follow that rabbit down the rabbit hole... :-)
ktalex5 years ago
Awsome vid!! :O O_O
foxtrot46976 years ago
kinky....!i luv it. hmm where would i find one thats hot to wear this. hmmmm
asi quieres matarme, paraguaya! bellissima.
evanwehrer6 years ago
This looks like the one from DOMO.
westfw6 years ago
Whoa! Giannyl Graduates from mere videos to "real" instructables! Congratulations!
(I really think it's a good thing; your videos have always contained more real information than their titles and initial pictures (perhaps) imply, but the full Instructable format makes it more obvious that you're not just a pretty girl in a video...)
uguy6 years ago
As usual, AWESOME!