Picture of Sexy Secret Book!
Just in time for Valentines Day! There are plenty of secret hidden compartment book projects but I added a special high-tech bonus feature that has never been done before!

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Step 1: Get a book!

Picture of Get a book!
If it's anything like the book I found in the used book store, you will want to read it cover to cover. After that, using a ruler mark off a decent sized square area and cut it out all the way to the back cover using an X-acto knife or razor blade(s)

Step 2: Finish Compartment One

Picture of Finish Compartment One
To seal the pages and the back, I used hot glue as it seemed to be a better option than all the messy glue mixtures I have seen on some projects. I also used a piece of self-adhesive red felt to line the main compartment.

Step 3: Compartment Two

Picture of Compartment Two
Now on to the second compartment which will house our electronics. Once you have the components you will be able to determine the best size for the final fit. Cut out the compartment like you did the first one but not nearly as deep. You only have to cut it out as deep as a 9 volt battery. Notice I also cut back one page and left a 'door' that will cover the 2nd hidden compartment.

Step 4: Build the 'secret' feature...

Picture of Build the 'secret' feature...
sexy secret book_015.bmp
What you need...
1. Radio Shack (or other brand) voice recording module.
2. 9 volt battery
3. SPDT Lever Switch
4. 1/8" Phone Jack

Remove the button attached to the circuit board by peeling back the three clips that hold it in place. Then solder two wires to the contacts on the circuit board and solder the lever switch to the other ends. Be sure to use the N.C. or Normally Closed contact.

Step 5: Finalize the module...

Picture of Finalize the module...
The recording module comes with it's own microphone so you can record your voice, but I wanted to take it a step further, so I added a 1/8" phone jack to the microphone connections so I could record anything onto the module up to 20 seconds long. J4 and MIC are the microphone connections shown in the image.

Step 6: Install the module...

Picture of Install the module...
I installed the module in the 2nd compartment and used hot glue after double checking the location and lever operation when closing and opening the book.

Step 7: Record your audio...

Picture of Record your audio...
You can record whatever you want on the module as long as it's no longer than 20 seconds. It sounds remarkably well considering the size of the speaker. The compartment serves as a basic enclosure. When you are done having fun with it, use it as a real secret book safe and add an alarm sound effect! Hope you enjoyed this Instructable!
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darrelly845 years ago
OK, not to be nosy, but what exactly was that book about? Just the words I can read made me blush a little. :)
I'm guessing blow*jobs?
Lol, "Testicles", "Passion", "not to swallow yet", "press your own nipple" lol
rrfxxxr3 years ago
Kipkay (i have been a fan for years) You have the best hacks and sometimes the funnest presentations, bar none. Guys and gals I think the book is " The Velvet Tongue ". To speed up the process try this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Better-Book-Safe/?ALLSTEPS
carpespasm7 years ago
An couple ideas to try when making these books is (1) don't use a good book that anyone might want to read. Wasting good books is bad, Mkay? and (2) you can drive nails into the area you plan to cut out to hold it together, then drill a large hole near a corner and use a metal cutting hacksaw blade to make the process go faster.
I used a dremmel to cut my book i used to hide my passports in when i went to rome and that cut very straight, i just clamped it to my desk and started chopping.
Googes4 years ago
Hi Kipkay

did you use a specific program to upload your sound clip? or play the clip on your computer and use the record feature on the recording module? could you also specify what type of cord you used to hook up to your computer and what port in your computer it hooks up to? sorry for the many questions.

thank you, this will really help me with something I'm working on.

DirtyMex5 years ago
Hey Kipkay i had a question on were exactly to put the 1/8" phone jack I'd appreciate it if you could help me out that be great. Thanks and great job
Mr_Electric5 years ago
What Happens if the battery is removed? Does the sound get erased? 
Grey_Wolfe5 years ago
Kipkay, your videos are always as entertaining as they are informative. Once again, excellent work.
Trogador6 years ago
...That is quite the book you're reading...
i noticed that too *shifty eyes*
cflowers6 years ago
Another great build, Kipkay! I added this one to The Daily Hack. Keep up the great work, man!

Charlie Flowers
Kipkay (author)  cflowers6 years ago
Thanks. If you prefer you can embed the YouTube video shown on this Instructable since some people have issues with videos playing on Metacafe.


ur so cool i cant keep up lol
jackcday6 years ago
lool, Kipkay you're too cool!
lcava156 years ago
where can i get razor blades?
I really love this. Someone want to email my SO the link to this???
flemons6 years ago
HAHAHA kipkay you have always been my hero ever since i saw you first on metacafe
rickyd! flemons6 years ago
he's everyones hero
leem19947 years ago
Cool! but what kind of book is that to read. there are kids on here! lol
Loosen up......
frikkie6 years ago
Thanks for an great idea!Keep up the good work!!
Kipkay, you never cease to amuse me.
jongscx6 years ago
...why would you waste THAT book? Didn't they have any dictionaries, or copies of Gone with the wind you could hack up? this is actually useful.
flemons6 years ago
Excellent project, well done.
REESE BOBBY7 years ago
what book was it
Heh, I was wondering that too. I've been wanting to hollow out a book for a while but just can't bring myself to distroy one.
sometimes libraries give way old books.
I'm pretty sure it's that 101 Nights of Grrrreat Sex book. And since most of my lovers are more creative than the authors, I say, yeah! cut that book up!
Goodhart7 years ago
With a bit of amplification, and distortion correction/modulation, that "RS module actually works well :-)
moGuyver7 years ago
Hah... that's where I always keep my dentures. Great instructable.
You're so romantic, Kipkay...
Kipkay you are awesome, but what the heck are you reading??!?!?!!?!?
zoxx7 years ago
Thank god! I finally have somewhere to put all my trillion dollar bills!
lol didnt u say that in a previous 'book' stash instructable??? xD. or was it some1 els..?
hmmmm no. I think that was someone else
...mmmm....k ...
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