Hot date for Valentines day & nothing to wear? Create a sexy, strapless, plunge mini dress in a few easy steps!
Wow your great at making clothes! I wish i had this skill :)
This one is kinda cool... but how do you keep your boobs in check!
lol its called umm tight cloths
Love your ideas, and the way they are wordless. Well done, and you look super cute in the clothes too~ Thanks for the cool ideas.
I never cease to be amazed at how clear your instructions are without a single word. kudos! 5/5 Cheers, Mspark400
nice! great video, very well done!
OOOH! LALA! You did a great job I think that this is something that I will be doing.
This is pretty good, Love the results..... You Rock!!!!

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Bio: Learn how easy is to design your own clothes! The best Do-it-yourself videos on the web! Join me :D
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