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It's a tube.
It's a dress.
It's the height of fashion.

Get a hunk of accordion duct.
Recruit a model.
Have a photo shoot.
Post it to


Kosmos (author)2008-03-24

Might also be good to ensure that the ducting you are using doesn't contain allergens or other nasty things like fibreglass, sharp wire ends etc etc. I'd have to say the idea certainly seems to be original though.

Peter3D (author)2007-09-16

Better create an 'Unstructable' forum for all that crap: - KNEX guns - LED flashlights - How to butter a slice of bread and so on. . .

iritegood (author)Peter3D2008-02-10

Atleast KNEX gun and LED flashlight instructables actually tell you how to make something.

vicious_AD (author)2006-07-22

heh, I guess ther are completely useless tutorials on afterall. Next, let's wok on "how to whipe your ass with a pinecone" or something else noone wants, to complete the series.

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