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Introduction: Sexy Action Figure in Real Latex Dress

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This fully posable action figure is made of Fimo-brand polymer clay on an armature of brass tubes. The hips and shoulders have ball joints as used in model cars. A drop of superglue gives them some more friction than usual for their original application. The other joints are simply some copper wire connecting the brass tubes. This allows for some movements by leaving the copper wire free for a couple of mm in between. Some copper wire ends remained in place by friction. Some needed a little superglue. I kept the glue to a minimum, to allow easy removal and insertion of new wire ends, as they do not last long. The figure is not intended for children playing, but still...

I made this portrait action figure as a gift for my good friend Veerle. It depicts what she is always talking about.

The name Vulpine (lady fox) was chosen because it sounds “wulps” (lascivious ). At least it does to Dutch speaking people.

I used Fimo “Miniature” for the skin coloured parts. The boots and gloves are made in black Fimo “Soft”, the hair in brown and the white of the eyes in “glow-in-the-dark” white. The dress was cut out of a black balloon (hence real latex). I painted the dress, boots and gloves with Chinese ink. The dress remained flexible.

The power toy gets its “real” functionality from a tiny pager motor. Its adjustable length comes from a pill capsule end that happened to fit over it telescopically.

The packaging was scratch built out of cardboard, polystyrene foam and hot melt glue and covered with glued on print-outs on photo quality paper. A clear tube made out of two retro projector slides, cello taped together just behind the side edges. It slides over the box to open and close it. I could have printed on the slides, but finally didn't). The box contains a strong magnet and at the back of the figure a steel ring was inserted in the dress. This way the figure is kept in place, but the figure is easily taken out and put back in again.

If you like this Slideshow, check out the fully documented Ible on another posable action figure I made as a custom gift:



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    these r cool u did a good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im a mold maker. Any idea which plastci to use if you wanted to make another. and NOT out of rigid resin?

    4 replies

    Non rigid materials are known to be very difficult to sand to a clean result. So I do not have any real experience.

    There is a flexible type of sculpey, but that is for sculpting.

    Actually I would be interested in some castable flexible material, which you can give colour. As I understand their are some castable rubbery mould materials, but these are not intended to be coloured. I do not know if they could be.

    Please let me know what you find.

    This link should take you to a shrinking and expanding resin. ( off topic but cool stuff)

    Doctor Mego refered me to Smooth On. Best I can find is only available in black.

    I hope to call the office next week and explain what I need.


    I came across coloured liquid polymerclay on the net:

    It seems this material remains quite flexible when cured.

    best regards


    Thanks. But I need to be able to cast several copies. I'm crazy about mold making.

    Also under "play Use" ( we're making toys here) it would break I think.

    The search goes on.

    nice work when i first saw this i though it was a real person