Introduction: Shabby Chic Cake Stand Upgrade

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I saw a beautiful cake stand in a store the other day and it was just charming. When I came closer to see the price I was in shock! I decided to give an upgrade to my crystal cake stand and I love how it looks!

Step 1: Materials

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Cake stand

Jewelry wire

Crystal beads

Drop crystal beads



Measuring tape

Glue gun

Step 2: First Beads

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Put 8 crystal beads in your jewelry wire.

Step 3: Drop Bead

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Now put one of your drop beads in the wire, insert a little bead and return the wire through the drop bead.

Step 4: Loop

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Put 8 more crystal beads after the drop bead and make a little loop with your wire.

Step 5: Repeat

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Repeat all the steps. You'll notice you'll have your beads in a zig zag shape. After doing this for 9 times (or more if your cake stand is bigger), join the ends by twisting the wires together and leaving another loop on top.

Cut the extra wire.

Step 6: Glue

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Divide your cake stand perimeter in 9 and mark each with your marker. Glue the loops to the marks and let the glue set. Turn your cake stand around to see your beautiful design!


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