Introduction: Shabby Flower Pots

Give new tera cotta pots a time worn look in just minutes, using a few inexpensive tools.

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • Silver craft paint
  • Tera cotta pots
  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Preval Sprayer
  • Scrap paper

Step 2: Prepare the Preval Sprayer

Since we’re using watery craft paint, we’re filling the Preval Sprayer jar with 1.5 oz of paint and 1.5 oz of water.

For thicker paints, pour 2 oz. of paint and 1 oz. of water into the jar.

Cap, shake vigorously and attach the spray can.

Step 3: Distress With Paint

Cut a strip of burlap and lay it across the pot.

Spray a generous layer of paint onto the burlap. Remove it to see your pattern, and spray overlapping texture onto the same area if you would like. Otherwise, move on to spray a bare portion of the pot.

When the burlap is soaked through the back, cut a new piece and continue spraying.

Step 4: Plant, Display and Enjoy

These flower pots might look shabby, but they’re definitely chic. Plant your favorite greenery in them to enjoy indoors or out.



Nice, I love the shabby chic look!



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