Come Learn how to make a fabulous and so Shabby Chic Card with a few easy and simple steps!!! Use this concept for Birthday Cards, Friends Cards and to simply send something Beautiful. So let;s being this awesome Instructable.

Created By Angela Holt

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Step 1: Supplies

Basic Craft tools: Scissors, paper cutter and adhesive

1 piece of Colored Card Stock Folded and cut to the measurement 7 1/2 x 4 1/2

1 piece of Cream Colored Cardstock cut to 7 1/4 x 4 1/4

Several Scrap pieces of pattern Paper (I used paper from Anna Griffin)

2 styles of ink a light and dark brown ( I used Prima Marketings Chalk edgers)

2 pieces of lace each cut at 5 inches long ( I used from my personal collection)

Adhesive ( I used the Xyron 3" Sticker Maker) which makes it easy to peel and stick the pieces

Wet Adhesive to adhere the the paper flowers

Paper Flowers ( Mine are from Wild Orchid Crafts)

You will need a Label I used (Spellbinders Die called Card Creator Reflective Moment)

You will need a stamp to stamp a sentiment ( I used a Stamp Set from Prickley Pear called Butterflies)

Step 2: Ink All Edges

You will need to ink all edges of the smaller pieces of paper as well as the White piece of card Stock.

Step 3: Create a Collage Pattern Onto the White Cardstock

-Take each and pre-measured piece of pattern Paper and lay them on the white cardstock in the collage patter you want. This is where you will use your cutter and scissor to cut the pieces to fit in the collage pattern you choose. As you will see I leave a very small grab between each piece except for the sides.

-Once you like the pattern you have chosen and everything lines up, take each piece and add glue to the back and lay back down onto the white card stock. I use Xyron's 3" Sticker Maker that turns these pieces into stickers and all I have to do is peel and stick!!! Amazing took to have for paper piecing in which we are doing here.

- Once everything is glued down, Flip the white piece of cardstock over and cut away the pieces that come over the edge of the card for a finished clean edge look. Ink the edges.

Step 4: Adding Lace

Take the white piece of NOW patterned Cardstock with inked edges and add adhesive to the back before you press it down. You can run it through a large sticker maker, use a tape runner or a wet adhesive. You will need to wrap lace around the BOTTOM of the WHITE Cardstock Collage piece ONLY!!! Once the lace is wrapped add more adhesive and press the entire piece down onto the Brown Cardstock Base you folded and cut at the beginning of the tutorial.

Step 5: Adding the Label and Sentiment

I used a die to create a tag/label for the front of the card. I stamped a sentiment onto the label and used wet adhesive to adhere to the card. Gather your paper flowers and paper leaves and create a beautiful collage on the left hand side of the card.


You can cut out another piece of cardstock for the inside where you can write you message or stamp your message that will be up to you!!

I hope that you really enjoyed this simple shabby and elegant card tutorial. For Paper Crafters out there, this is an amazing way to pull from your scrap box and use all those pieces we keep. Be sure to visit all the links below to stay connected with me and my crafty creative world.

Thanks you so much,

Angela Holt

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<p>This is very pretty! Directions easy and clear. Thanks for this new project!</p>
<p>Beautiful. Soft and Warming Card. </p>
<p>Your card turned out beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope we see more from you in the future!</p>

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