Step 2: Procure/Build Other Stuff You Will Need

1) Boards for cooking
2) pork fat strips
3) hammers, nails, spatulas
4) food thermometer or knowlege of how long to cook the fish
5) some sort of rub (a la Old Bay or whatever the local Guy says is good on the fish)
6) hardwood scraps for the fire
7) side dishes
Ok this is an OLD instructable, but it does look good. You'd probably not get the zinc nails through a food hygiene inspector here in the UK, but if you are setting up from scratch, it's no big deal to buy a quantity of better quality nails.<br><br>I've never seen anything cooked by this method before but it obviously works and I can see some interesting variations too. I can see this technique working well for many foods that are flat and relatively thin.<br><br>Would the WOOD affect that flavour? How about using barrel staves?<br><br>Nailing through from the BACK of the wood? Making something resembling coarse &quot;Velcro&quot; might help hold things together and make it easier to remove?<br><br>
We are checked annually by our towns health inspector to ensure food safety. This will be our 53rd year and we've yet to hear any issues regarding the nails we use.<br><br>Also, nailing from the back velcro style would make it significantly more difficult to serve the fish, especially when you are trying to move quickly.
A fair comment, and thank you for your response. I hope you enjoy your event for many years to come.
Wanna try it? Our 53rd Annual Shad Bake is Saturday, June 4th, 2011 at 4:30 PM<br>Check out www.essexrotary.com for tickets. All proceeds benefit the local and international service projects of Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Essex.<br><br>Thanks and hope to see you there!
Hmmm...shad is a big bad nasty baitfish where I'm at. Mainly used to catch catfish or stripers. I know it sounds closed minded but all I can think is, Yeah I guess on the other side of the world some people eat dogs too.
roofing nails are galvanized right? wouldnt that leech into the fish?
The only known cases of zinc toxicity in humans comes from the long term storage of highly acidic foods and/or beverages in galvanized containers. "Long Term" and "Highly Acidic" being the primary factors I doubt that fish spending 40 minutes with a nail in it will do you any harm. Besides, with all the scary things we consume on a daily basis in comercially produced foods, I'm surprised by the frequency of comments concerning potential poisoning from everyday things like nails, scrap wood, and brown paper bags. Paranoia will undoubtedly have a much greater affect on your life expectancy due to stress and high blood pressure than trace amounts of neccesary dietary minerals in your food. Relax and enjoy life a little.
Galvanized is zinc, the area right around the nail might taste a little bitter like a cough drop with zinc (ment to reduce the length of a cold).
This would work for potatoes, corn, eggplant or cabbage right? I'm a vegetarian. That said, this is a tasty way of cooking food for a large number of people.
I've never seen anything like this either. What a great idea for a fun day. This is a great instructable. Bubbler, from The Land Downunder.
yeah I wonder what species that is exactly, The only types of shad that live around here are all horrible to eat. (not that ive tried).
I'm in Rhode Island and I've never seen anything like that. *eats stuffed quahog* I'll be in Stamford next week though, I'll keep an eye out
mmm hygenic
i've lived in NE for pretty much as long as i've been livin in America, and i've never heard of this. sounds fun/good(as in tasty)
That's one big cook. I've never seen or heard of pork & fish, but I'm sure it tastes good. What did the fire do to the drive though? L
I bet he's actually yelling BOORRREEDD from serving so many people =P<br/><br/>Good instructable, that fish looks really good. I don't think I've ever see fish cooked to be so golden. Yummy =D<br/>

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