This shadowpod is the product of a long process of
experimentation with composition, light, and materials. After playing with fibrous material, foam, plumbing material, found objects, and wire skeletons, I came to the conclusion that pretty basic paper mache methodology was the best way to create a hollow volume (pod) for this particular project. The pod encapsulates an industrial landscape smashed with organic utopia, backlit in blue. It represents a window into an imaginary place. Originally, this piece was not made with any function in mind, but I think that it could function as an intriguing nightlight.

Three essential components:

a. interior

b. exterior enclosure

c. lighting mechanism ( I used colored LEDs and a 9V battery, but if you intend yours to be left on all night, it would be a good investment to look into hooking it up to a wall plug.)


cutting pliers, wire strippers, paintbrushes and utensils, large bowl for glue/ glue mixture, sand paper, Camera, Computer, Laser cutter


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Elmer's glue, tacky glue, tracing paper, balloons, guage 24 wire, paint (acrylic, spray, etc), spackle, misc objects, black india ink, bristol board, laser cutter, LEDs, resisters (I used 330 OHMS), electrical tape, Electrical wire, 9V battery, 9V battery snap

Step 1: Exterior

You will need gauge 24 wire and a package of regular party balloons

Cut a length of wire 2-3 feet. Make a loop 3-4 inches in diameter near the middle of your piece of wire. Twist the wire together to complete the loop. This will be the first segment through which your balloon will expand. Add a second segment using the excess wire extending from the first. Continue adding wire segments until you have 5 or six that together create a volume. Insert an deflated balloon into the wire form and blow air into it. The balloon will expand through the gaps in the wire. The gaps should be relatively uniform in size. Too much variation, and the balloon will want to expand only through the biggest gap. You will notice inconsistencies in the material of the balloon itself. It may want to expand more rapidly in certain areas. The bellybutton (area of balloon opposite of where you blow into) is where the most expansion will occur.

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