Step 2: Add Poster Edge Effect

Now go to filter>artistic>poster edges and add this filter. You can fool around with the settings to suit your picture. Your almost done now!
Kinda looks like you burnt your hand...
It is to bad that this is not done, I would have like to learn how to do more things on Photoshop. I just got CS3 and I am so lost in it. Any help would have been nice.
I have to agree, it is far from finished, and it doesnt even look like a comic. I am sorry but looks like you didnt do a great job. Bu t hey no problem, try again
I like the avatar.
This seems unfinished....esp. when the last line is "You're almost done now!"
Brad you know you got a point. is there more.......
well i dont even have photoshop- well i have expresions 5.0 but w/e so yeah
this looks kl

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