Step 2: Add poster edge effect

Now go to filter>artistic>poster edges and add this filter. You can fool around with the settings to suit your picture. Your almost done now!
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Kinda looks like you burnt your hand...
It is to bad that this is not done, I would have like to learn how to do more things on Photoshop. I just got CS3 and I am so lost in it. Any help would have been nice.
I have to agree, it is far from finished, and it doesnt even look like a comic. I am sorry but looks like you didnt do a great job. Bu t hey no problem, try again
I like the avatar.
This seems unfinished....esp. when the last line is "You're almost done now!"
Brad you know you got a point. is there more.......
well i dont even have photoshop- well i have expresions 5.0 but w/e so yeah
this looks kl

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