Do you have old sunglasses just lying around?! Why not make a unique, decorative curtain out of the lenses!

I love sunglasses and wanted to find a way that I could use all of the old or broken pairs of sunglasses. So I gathered a bunch of pairs from friends and family (16 pairs to be exact) and created my own sunglass curtain to decorate my bedroom window!

It is really simple to make - the hardest part is collecting so many pairs! It was worth the time and effort though because it looks awesome! 

So check out my first instructables and make your very own Shady Shades!

Step 1: What You Will Need

1) Sunglasses! 
2) Fishing line
3) 1 Pair of scissors
4) 1 Dremel or Power Drill

Optional Materials :
- Wooden board
- Clamp 
- glue gun
would be neat to make a chandelier like this as well!
Haha, this is fantastic. Very fun. :D
This is a great project! Definitely going to make my own out of all the old party glasses I come across!

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