Did you ever look at those 100$ shake it flashlights and feel envious?Well here's an easy way to make it!!!

Step 1: Parts

The required parts are-
1.Cardboard tube
2.5 diodes
3. Magnet wire
4. Foam 
5. LED
7. Wire 
8. Convex lens
9. Hot glue
 If a joule thief is wanted then-
10. 2N3904 Transistor or equivalent
11. 1k Resistor (Brown-Black-Red)
12. Toroid Bead
<p>Why do you suggest not coiling backwards when all other instructables related don't mention it? I'm having difficulty building one myself, and I happened to coil back and forth. Could this be my problem?</p>
Sounds great!
Good instructable! <br> <br>What if you add two soft springs? One at each end, to prevent the magnet hits the cylinder ends. You would have the advantage of avoiding the magnet goes out of the zone of the coil. <br> <br>As a bonus, you can produce &quot;resonance&quot; if you're lucky.

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Bio: I am 18 years old and love to hack and fix stuff.
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