Shake It Like a LED Picture.





Introduction: Shake It Like a LED Picture.

Polaroid, the ultimate camera of the 80's. The Cartridges that they used to use had film and a battery in them. These batteries will kick out 5.8v.

This is a re-publish so that I can put it in a contest and edit. This is in the green contest because you are re-using an old battery.

Step 1: Step 1

To start, you need a 300 Polaroid cartridge. Tear it apart until you find the battery. It is usually in a white package. see picture. Use a volt meter or LED to find positive and negative. label them.

Step 2: Step 2

Get 2 LEDs and connect them so that they are in seris. This a 2 in 1 status LED I found while tearing apart a computer. Connect or solder the negatives and positives together.

Step 3: Step 3

Tape the LED's connections to the coresponding polarities on the battery.

Step 4: TaDa!!

You are done!!! YAY!!!! OH YEAH!!!!

The LED should light up. If it doesn't, switch the connections. Both LED's will light up and you will have a flashlight or light. Enjoy.

It provides ~5v so you could also use this for a USB charger, or IR light.
Post anything else you think is needed.



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and here's why...
some people, really like Polaroid not for usefulness, but of how iconic it was, to me, it's up there with the Box Brownie, and it was the equivalent of a camera phone, not in features or functionality, but in what it did, and how it set photography free, making it mass market and bringing it to everyone.

cool instructable, also, 5,555 views!! :D

 That was actually with a tripod, my camera is kinda crapy.

I've been using those batteries for years. Its true they do still have plenty of power after the film is gone. I used them in several projects where space and periodical use is necessary. I even used them inside my tackle box to illuminate it after dark when I opened the box. I used incandesants bulbs tho. This was before LED's or at least white ones existed. I have everyone I know save them for me.

Do you think the 5v it kicks out could be used in USB chargers

No, it kicks out 5.8v. COnnect it to a USB female then into your device - your device is toast.

not exactly, most devices have onboard regulators, so they can take +or- 2ish volts before they get too hot

 True, a 5v regulator would be smarter to use If you wanted to charge a sensitive.

I heard just today that in this age of digital cameras that poloroid will no longer be making film for instamatics.