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A friend asked me to make some jewelry for a local production of Shakespeare's As You Like It. I had very short notice and needed items that would be low cost and hold up to the summer heat and lots of handling. Well, resin to the rescue! The quote pendants came out romantic and a little rustic. They would make perfect gifts or wedding favors.

Here are the instructions for making the Shakespeare quote pendants I made, but you can use this instructable for any kind of typographic jewelry. Have fun!

Step 1: What You Need

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A premade bezel


Light colored markers

Mod Podge or Elmers glue

Glitter, charms (optional)

Clear epoxy resin (about a tsp per bezel)


Small mixing cup

Wax paper


Step 2: Quotes

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Measure the bezel opening(s).

Make shapes that size in any program you like and outline the shapes with a thin black border. (I use InDesign, but this is way more design power than you need for this project.)

Then type the quotes you want to use into a text box. Try different fonts until you find what you like for your quotes. When you've chosen a font, size the type to fit in the bezel box you just made.

Repeat for all the bezel shapes and quotes you're working with.

If you plan to make multiples, duplicate what you have on the same page.

Step 3: Print

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Choose a good paper for your project and print.

Step 4: Prepare the Quotes

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Cover the page (wherever there is printing) with a thin coat of Mod Podge or Elmers.

Step 5: Add Style

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Using the markers, add a touch of color to the quotes

and/or glue on a bit of glitter.

When ink and glue are dry, Mod Podge the backs and any fronts that have marker on them.

Step 6: Cut Them Out

Picture of Cut Them Out

Cut out each quote shape.

Step 7: Glue Them In

Picture of Glue Them In

Spread a small amount of glue on the back of a cut-out quote or the inside bottom of the bezel. Then set your quote into the bezel. Make sure the type is straight - You'll have some time to make adjustments before the glue dries. Repeat with as many quotes as you will be making.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches

When you're done embellishing your pendants add a final, thin coat of Mod Podge or glue to any new additions.

Step 9: Prepare and Pour the Resin

Picture of Prepare and Pour the Resin

Set a sheet of wax paper on a flat work surface (I use a cutting board). Mix resin according to the package instructions.

Optional: Set each bezel on a few coins to raise them up a little. Fill each bezel with enough resin that the resin just barely forms a dome, but doesn't drip over the edges. Let the resin set and thicken up before moving.

Step 10: Add Charms & Findings

Picture of Add Charms & Findings

Add charms that go with each quote to loop for the chain or cord. Then add the cord.

Step 11: Wear!

Picture of Wear!

You can try this with any printed materials. The trick is making sure they are well sealed before adding the resin.

I'd love to see what you make if you want to post photos.

Have Fun!


MarinaL2 made it! (author)2016-05-03

I know they aren't quote as fancy as yours, but it took a long time to achieve my final product. Thank you for your amazing work! :)

These look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing them!

It's all thanks to you helping me out earlier this year! If you hadn't told me to use a thicker paper, then none of these would have turned out!

You're welcome!! Glad it worked : )

kikigrace (author)2015-07-29

these are amazing! I hope I am able to make them!

They're easy. And they're supposed to look distressed - so just enjoy the project! I'd love to see how they come out if you wouldn't mind sending a pic. Thanks!

Wynd (author)2015-07-24

These are great! I bet you could use Dimensional Magic, if you don't have resin :)

Rhonda Chase Design (author)Wynd2015-07-24

Thanks for the tip!. If you use it for filling pendants, just be aware of the cost : )

Wynd (author)Rhonda Chase Design2015-07-25

I find buying the larger bottles, and using a 40-50% off coupon, works great :) I've been using my bottle for 7 months, and still have a lot left over. If I could get into resin, and had space to use it outdoors, that would for sure be the better value. For now, doing a pendant or two every few days has worked :)

Rhonda Chase Design (author)Wynd2015-07-25

I didn't know it came in larger bottles. Thanks!

Wynd (author)Rhonda Chase Design2015-07-26

You're welcome! :)

Edbed (author)2015-07-22

These look beautiful! What font did you use? It's lovely.

Thanks! I used a combination of Bleeding Cowboys, Lucida Blackletter, Typist and Zapfino, depending on the size and letters in each quote. Mostly I used Bleeding Cowboys and Lucida Blackletter, though.


MartyRose (author)2015-07-22

Very nice - i'd love to make these!

Thanks! I'd love to see, if you do!

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