Share Files Between Windows 7 and Windows XP





Introduction: Share Files Between Windows 7 and Windows XP

A few weeks ago, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, Build 7600 on my Gaming Computer and Laptop. Everything was wonderful, until I tried to access the files on my Windows XP File Server. It would constantly ask for a password, so, after trying numerous 'fixes' on the internet, I tried my own way, which worked! So I was very happy.

Step 1: What You'll Need

A Windows 7 Computer
A Windows XP File Server
An Administrator account on both PC's

Step 2: Let's Begin!!

Okay, so you have everything you need.
First, on the Windows 7 Computer, click Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network and Sharing Center - Advanced Sharing Settings
Once in there, Enable the following:

Turn On File And Printer Sharing
Turn On Password Protected Sharing
Enable sharing with devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption

Step 3: Further Steps

Alrighty then!
If the last step fixed file sharing for you, then you're finished!!
If not, then you're in the same position I was :(
You need to make sure the user name you are entering to log into the computer has a password, then enter that same password into the login box. I use the Administrator account because it is hidden. This is kind of bad practice, but it works to show the principle

Step 4: The End

I hope that this is a happy ending for you all. Happy fixing :)



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    Thats good information you have shared actually this is needed information as of now because windows XP is in end of days and obviously people must move on to another OS.So timely help!.
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    Wow, First one to comment!
    This should work wonderfully between my windows XP file server and my Dads Windows 7 laptop