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I have been meaning to share this for a while. A big thanks to chr and everyone else who has posted ibles and help on how to make these. They are fantastic and a really fun opportunity to do some coding that takes advantage of data in a non-1-to-1 manner. However, I had some trouble with my computer and programming, which was odd. It all works fine now again, but it forced me to use an arduino. Still very fun! Anyways, enjoy!


Yonatan24 (author)2015-11-20

Hi, I've added your project to the "A Collection of WAAAY To Many 8X8X8 RGB LED Cubes!" Collection

This is the link If you are interested:

SuperTech-IT (author)2013-08-24

I would love for you to stop by my instructable HERE where I expand upon, and simplify CHR's project. Also, I have made printed circuit boards to make things easier for those that would love to have one, but just can't wrap their heads around the wiring. Someone here asked if it was a bunch of shift registers - if this follows CHR's design (which mine also does) then the answer is no. There are no shift registers used in this. It uses 8 octal latches and a demultiplexer.

Onyx Ibex (author)SuperTech-IT2013-08-25

Look good! I am finishing up an RGB one myself right now. I have it all on one board as well, and NO WIRES needed for the LEDs... be sure to check it out later.

SuperTech-IT (author)Onyx Ibex2013-08-25

Been tinkering with that idea myself - but then if I decided to try to use my cube with a PIC microcontroller, or the one in the Raspberry Pi, I couldn't if all the circuitry was on the base.

Going PCBoard for a tri-colour is the only way to go that I could see, simply because of the sheer amount of wiring.
I might be tempted to go base+control in one for that simply because of the 192 + 8 (I think) wires that would have to go to it.
64 + 8 is enough as it is! LOL!
But I'd probably design header strips into it so that I could pull the microcontroller and use a different one if I wanted.

And I completed it! LOL!

Got my instructable up just before you got yours up!
I have the advantage of hundreds less parts than the one you made, and it runs the code yours does by Kevin Darrah (slightly modified) PLUS it runs Nick Schulze's code too (with only a minor timing adjustment). Assembly is facilitated by the board itself to ensure proper alignment. Drop by and check it out when you can.

I actually have 3 different boards, 1 is all discrete components, one is a discrete / surface mount hybrid, and the one pictured above is all surface mount.
The first 2 boards will use the ATmega32A OR the (Arduino) ATmega328 microcontroller. I do sell them to those that really want them, but you still need to put the parts on them and build the cube itself. There is help for doing that in my instructable, and CHR's instructable which I link to in mine.

Allowing you to just use the microcontroller rather than your entire precious Arduino makes this a much more attractive alternative to constructing a permanent cube circuit.

Lee_Smith (author)2012-10-29

Did you just use a bunch of shift registers for this and address them using the arduino? this seems like a simple yet effective way of doing this. Awesome Cube!

SuperTech-IT (author)Lee_Smith2014-09-14

If he followed CHR's design, no they aren't shift registers, they are octal flip-flops.

Onyx Ibex (author)Lee_Smith2012-11-02

yeah. I think next time (which there definitely will be) I will not use the arduino. it is an expensive controller and ended up making this more complicated than by not using it... I will share where I'm at with that once I finish organizing everything....

SuperTech-IT (author)Onyx Ibex2013-08-26

so buy some chips and put them on their own board like I did.
I just looked today and found 5 chips for $3.00 USD. That's less than a buck a chip - and they come pre-loaded with the Arduino bootloader!

amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-28

this looks cool, have you written any special code for it? will you post it?

Onyx Ibex (author)amandaghassaei2012-11-02

I will post it when I finish actually documenting what it is. I started with just the same code as many other cubes, but I also modified it a bit to my taste. Nothing special... do you want the code as it is now or can you wait a month or two form e to finish? If you are building your cube right now, I could post it just so you have a starting point. Otherwise I can finish documenting it more thoroughly.

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