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You know when dinner parties turn into video watch-a-thons? Let’s do that, but in public. Shared Cinema is a public video jukebox that activates urban spaces!

As much as we love sharing and watching YouTube and Vimeo from our browsers, these experiences are insular. While in a public space that is activated by Shared Cinema, users select and share videos they love and upvote the videos they want to see through a mobile interface. The projected display shows the current video playing with full audio and a preview of the queue of videos submitted.

The dynamic visualization of the queue that responds to actions taken by the viewer/participant contributes wonder and playfulness to the immersive and joyful experience of watching videos together. We envision this video jukebox will transform many forms of group gatherings, from a bus stop to a museum gallery, from a neighborhood bar to your own backyard party.

Visit us at

And check out all of the code for SharedCinema on Kevin's GitHub site. We hope that SharedCinema will be built upon in ways we can't even imagine! 

We may in the near future offer to create instances of SharedCinema for each event/location that is hosted around the world. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, you can build your own SharedCinema. It only requires 3 things: A mobile (client) UI and a projector (presenter) UI . If you want to add a physical element to the urban experience, you can also build seating, but that is obviously not required. 

Let's get started!  

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Step 1: Building the Mobile Experience

Picture of Building the Mobile Experience
The Mobile UI is fairly straightforward with the MVP version only having 2 screens: 1) VOTE, a view of the current queue of videos, allowing the user to upvote the videos they want to watch and see the number of votes each video has received. 2) ADD VIDEOS, a search box that allows the user to search YouTube (or in the future, perhaps Vimeo or other video databases) and select a video to add to the queue.

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