Picture of Sharing Photos Through Instagram
This will guide you through a first-time use of Instagram to share photos to Instagram and other social media sites.
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Step 1: Open the App

Picture of Open the App
Press on the icon to open the app. 

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Step 2: Open the Camera Pane

Picture of Open the Camera Pane
At the bottom of your screen will be your pane select buttons. Press the center blue highlighted button to get to your camera. 

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Step 3: Select Your Photo

Picture of Select Your Photo
From the camera screen, you can take a new photo to share.

Alternatively, you can select a photo you've already taken. First, look at your galleries by pressing the button next to the shutter button. Then, open a gallery and choose one of the photos. Before it opens the editing screen, It will ask you to crop a section of the picture for sharing.

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Step 4: (Optional) Change the Photo Options

Picture of (Optional) Change the Photo Options
In the edit pane, you can change the picture's filter, rotation, frame, contrast, and blur settings. To move on to the next step, press the green button in the top right corner. Depending on your phone, this may say "Next" or just display a check mark.

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Step 5: (Optional) Add a Caption

Picture of (Optional) Add a Caption
Next to the photo thumbnail, press the text to open the keyboard and type a caption.

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Step 6: (Optional) Add Sharing Destinations

Picture of (Optional) Add Sharing Destinations
In the "SHARE" pane, you can press any of the buttons to add sharing destinations.

Upon pressing the green button in the top right, Instagram will also share the photo to the destinations that you highlighted.

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Step 7: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
After it's finished sharing your photo, Instagram will bring you back to your homepage. Good job, you've just uploaded a picture!

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