Sharir1701's Super Sniper Rifle (triple S Rifle)





Introduction: Sharir1701's Super Sniper Rifle (triple S Rifle)

About: I used to build K'nex guns. I'd like to think I've grown to be quite good at it, however, I've lost most of my interest in K'nex over my first couple of years in High School, but I do occasionally still come...
this was an amazing sniper rifle i made 3 months ago. it was pretty simple, and it used a few new designs (the stock, the scope, the trigger and the bolt). it was a great weapon that me and my friends used as a sniper in all of our wars for 2 months (i'm not a sniper so i took it down shortly after designing it and giving my friends the design to build themselves), until my friend designed a better one. (we don't use slingshots cause they're too destructive and uncontrollable).

it was extremely accurate to like 40 feet of distance.
it got at least 110 feet distance.
it was extremely powerful, comfortable, good looking, and easy to use.
it was easy to load cause of the of the bolt like thing.
it had an amazingly easy trigger pull.
it used a 17 shot magazine.
i really have no more words to express how awesome it was in every single way and aspect. i'm kinda sorry i didn't take pics of the internals so you guys could build it too. but it's too late - it's been taken down 2.5 months ago and i don't really feel like recreating it, so...
i would be extremely glad if someone were to build it off the pics and post it, giving me credit and notifying me of it.
i don't have any video of it shooting because by the time i got to filming it i was out of bands, and i took it down before i bought any more, so i never got to film it while shooting.

anyway, this is the least i could do right now.

here's the only vid i made of it:



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    Lol! What? Gun clubs? meaning... If you mean "clubs" that do knex gun wars, no I don't, I used to just do them with a few friends that would build my guns and we would just go to a woods and mess around... In any case I don't live in Europe or America, so I wouldn't know even if there were any of those "clubs", which I doubt there are.

    also, check out my other guns. for instance, my SABR, or my Bushmaster M17S replica rifle... they're both posted (with instructions), and they're great. i personally like the SABR better 'cause it's more accurate, MUCH stronger, smaller, more comfortable, has absolutely no barrel sticking out the front (though there is one above and behind the handle), the trigger pull is easier, the safety is better and since it's bulky, it doesn't bend almost at all. it also has a spare magazine holder in the stock. the only things the M17S is better in than the SABR are looks (replica), ease of ram pull, has a magazine release system, has a trigger guard and has a foregrip. though, i still don't prefer it over the SABR. it's always my primary weapon in knex battles (i'm an assaulter (me and my friends kinda have positions in the war (sniper, assaulter, flag defender, cover fire guy))), and my secondary is always a pretty simple pistol i made a while back and didn't post cause it's kinda generic, nothing new, but it's very comfortable, powerful, accurate and has a good ROF, plus a 12 round removable mag with an internal mag pusher.

    it's been taken down a long time ago. if i get 4 more requests to post instructions, i will recreate it's parts and show them internally. in the meantime, until i get more requests, i will not be posting it.

    Seems a little front heavy - I'd try and bulk up the stock a bit, as with snipers it's important that the balance is roughly between the foregrip and handle. The principal of moments dictates that force is amplified with distance from a pivot, or "fulcrum". The stock will need to be heavier to provide this ideal balance.

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    Innovative trigger and scope but you could probably make this gun with only 65% of the pieces yuo used better most of them are just for looks

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    first of all, yes the gun has looks and it was made taking them in account, and besides, i wanted this to be a sniper rifle (and it was), so i had to make the long barrel, and i don't really care for piece count in my guns. i just make them the best i can. also, i like my knex guns strong structured, so i use as many pieces as i can in anything regarding structure.