Picture of Shark ornaments
I was searching all over trying to find Christmas ornaments for my husband and sons.  Nothing really spoke to me.  I was looking thru my desk for some paper when I came across some Lego sharks I had stashed for reasons unknown.  Now many Saturdays are spent watching chew-em-ups on SyFi.  I decided to make my own gift ornaments.
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Step 1:

Picture of
I gathered all the materials I thought I would need.

Lego shark figures
Pipe cleaners
pony beads
24 gauge wire
wire cutters
ice pick
eye bolts
tiny santa figure

I ended up adding

plastic cutting board
large screw hook
krazy glue
glue gun and glue stick
nail polish
needle nose pliers

Step 2:

Picture of
The most difficult task was putting in the eye bolts.

I used the ice pick for a starter hole and followed that up with a hammer and nail.

Then I took the screw hook (sorry no picture) and used that to enlarge the starter hole.

Finally I took the actual eye screw and  screwed it in.  It took a little preserverance and the needle nose pliers for the final turns, but finally the eye was in.

Step 3:

Picture of
The fun part was adding decorations.

I used the pipe cleaners and twisted them to make a wreath.  I then cut a length of 24 gauge wire to attach it to the shark

Step 4:

Picture of
The next shark got a string of lights.  I cut a length of 24 gauge wire and twisted some pony beads in it.  The I secured on end of the wire to the eye screw and twisted it around the body of the body of the shark.

Step 5:

Picture of
I still had one more shark to go, but I decided I needed to add the eyes to all the sharks and then some artistic blood spatter to the great white.  I purchased some nail polish at the dollar store for that purpose.
Keep it up!
LOL!!!!! This is awesome