Sharpen a Knife, the Geeky Way.


Introduction: Sharpen a Knife, the Geeky Way.

I just found that old amd CPUs have a large ceramic  plate that the I/O pins stick out from and since ceramic is a  much more durable substance than steel we can actually use CPUs to sharpen knives :D

Step 1:

1. An AMD CPU 
2. a  dull knife.
3. 2-5 minutes.

Step 2: Sharpening Process.

This part can take some practice but it's really easy once you get the hang of it.

Since I only had one hand to do this with my angle is off try to keep the sharpener at a  35* -45* angle to the knife.

Make sure you're always scraping toward the tip of the knife ,and while you do that always slide the sharpener toward the direction of the knife blade. 

Pictures 3 and 4 are sharpening the tip  it's mostly the same but all you need to do is rotate your wrist. If your blade is tanto style you can use the same method as sharpening the flat part of the blade.

Just make sure you don't scrape the entire blade in one swipe do one section at a time.

After you swipe both parts of the blade 3-5 times flip the blade and do the other side. I'd recommend starting with about 5 at first and work your way down to 2 per side. 5 top 5 bottom 4 top 4 bottom 3 top and so on. 

Step 3: Is It Sharp Yet?

Paper test always works good put some paper on your desk or whatever and see how much pressure it takes to cut through while slicing.

Try shaving with it? Don't have facial hair well try cutting some of your sisters hair while she's asleep shouldn't take much to get through if it does then you need to try again... well lets just say better idea  to not cut ur sisters hair...



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    I actually happen to have two of that exact same CPU.

    using a Thermoelectric cooler(TEC) works great too and you have a larger side to use

    4 replies

    What's that is that a computer part? I've never heard of one of those.

    they are also called peltiers and you can use them for cooling your cpu as an addition to a water cooler or heatsink and fan usually when overclocking

    Ah so kinda like a water block or something, I'm assuming that the one you're using isn't made of copper or aluminum right?

    right i think its ceramic and is like a very fine grain sharpening stone good for putting a razor edge on a knife

    Funnily enough I just found an old Pentium 1 MMX CPU the other day.

    I guess I should try sharpening that knife on my craft multi-tool.

    2 replies

    that thing looks really bumpy and course make sure it'll work good before you destroy what's left of your knifes edge.

    just make sure it's not a fiberglass pcb or you'll make lots of dust and not sharpen anything.

    interesting - I've been looking for a cheap option for a fine grit stone (something > 1000) I imagine the ceramic to be getting close to that

    1 reply

    yeah it's gotta be at least 1000. I've never really familiarized myself with different sand paper grits and stuff but this is not very coarse and is great for honing a final edge.

    Clever. You might be able to peel the aluminum heat sink off and use it like a whetstone.

    1 reply

    Well that's somewhat true but under that is a rectangle of silicone (the actual processor) and a bunch of diodes that'd be in the way of that.