Sharpen a knife with scissors (quick and easy)

Did you see all those instruct-ables which require sandpaper or some pottery? Me personally don't have those laying around alle the time (e.g. at work, at school)

Do you still want a quick and dirty way to sharpen you knife.

That's were scissors enter the scene.

During this proces; the scissors stay just as sharp as before.
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Step 1: Finding good scissors

Good scissors have at the back an area with narrowing metal.

See that you can modify this angle to the size of your liking.

If you would like to chop wood with you knife you will probably need an angle of about 45°. If your going to cut wood, try to get your angle as small as possible...

Step 2: The Sharpening

put you knife like in the picture. Press it against the "spleet" (like we say in flemisch)

Close the scissors till you get the corner you want. (see previous step)

Move it back and forward a couple of times,(note this is not sex) pressing it hard against the scissors. See that the angle between scissors and and knife is not 90°. I would advice an angle of about 70°.

explosivemaker11 months ago
This is great....for ruining your knife.
stijnvs (author)  explosivemaker11 months ago
You might not have access to what I have defined as "good scissors". Did you put your knife in the "spleet"?
You do realize that scraping metal against another piece of metal at a 90 angle, does not count as sharpening.

It's the same reason AccuSharp is garbage.

you'd really screw up your edge.
stijnvs (author)  somecreativename1411 months ago
If you adjust you scissors, you might actually be able to screw it down from 70 degrees to 45 degrees.

But that depend on definition of up.

Please also note I mentioned this is not about screwing.
curvy772 years ago
thats something i could try. but personaly i prefer the whetstone not because its easier or better but because it feels more um genuine..... u know if it will work on hand forged blades?
wow this works very well, so well that wen i was sharpening it, it slippend and cut my finger XD
LOL  note this is not sex xD
It's a good thing he clarified that, I was worried for a minute.
vigilantice4 years ago
Why do you have a knife with you at work and school?
stijnvs (author)  vigilantice4 years ago
I've got my scissors over there
You should *always* have a small knife on you.
They're not exactly useful weapons for the untrained, but they're useful for everything from opening parcels, to cutting jammed safety straps in a workplace accident.

KnifeKnut6 years ago
This will only work on a crappy knife that is softer than the pair of scissors.
stijnvs (author)  KnifeKnut5 years ago
Scissors in general are quite 'hard'.
flio191 stijnvs4 years ago
oh so this IS about sex...
This is ridiculous...
but "Hey this actually works!" , " this does make sense, actually." and "this is sexy"
I really don't think that it does. But I suppose I should give it a shot sometime.
I guess it is kinda 'like' sex. You just have to give it a try.
goeon4 years ago
this works like a charm I sharpened my hatchet with it 5*and faved
15zhangfra5 years ago
nice doin it right now
christ on a cracker!!!!!! lol no im not a god nut but i heard my friend say it and it was funny. Hey this actually works!
Nick Larson6 years ago
dumbest instructable ever it was a waste of my time
stijnvs (author)  Nick Larson6 years ago
Have you read "how to drink water from a cup"?
lol nevermind that instructable was the dumbest but this one is still preaty dumb
You should read the one about not being a useless tool. If it was dumb to you, but to all the other posters here it was useful, what possessed you to use your time to post? Was it useful for us to know that it was useless to you? We don't care. And this instructable is useful- I'm a knife expert/maker and even if this is not the BEST method for knife sharpening, IT WORKS. You should read the instructable about using time wisely, or just shutting up when you don't have anything constructive to say.
Oh, btw, are you sure it's not about sex?
thoraxe stijnvs6 years ago
I read that instructable. It's great!
hay_jumper6 years ago
I think this just might be about sex...
stijnvs (author)  hay_jumper6 years ago
dunnos stijnvs6 years ago
lol dat was een grapje man... niet happen lol dude. it was a joke from him. dont bite so easy
stijnvs (author)  dunnos5 years ago
I didn't sharp my teeth for biting
what a sexy knife..........this must be about sex..............
stijnvs (author)  puguhkurniawan5 years ago
I give up
this way of shapering reminds me of samurai sharp that tool they have on tv cheaper though very nice
X_D_3_M_16 years ago
ugly knife. whered u get it
dude thats a nice knife
stijnvs (author)  X_D_3_M_16 years ago
@ Turkey, for a couple of bucks

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