Picture of Sharpen a push reel mower
Easier than it looks -- in fact looking at the pictures I am having trouble figuring out exactly what I did.... however it did work, so here we go!

Here is a video of the mower cutting grass once it is all sharp.



Step 1: Basics

A push reel mower is like scissors, except one blade is fixed and the other blade is on a reel.  

The blades make a spiral so they are only cutting in one small spot at a time.

Here are the basic steps:
  1. Make it so the blades rotate the wrong way
  2. Put grinding compound on the blades, this makes the blades into there own sharpening stones
  3. Push the mower around until it is easy, this is called lapping (maybe reverse lapping...)
  4. Wash off the grinding compound
  5. Make the blades so they go the right way again
  6. Mow the lawn
SoniaM616 days ago
SoniaM6 SoniaM616 days ago

Excuse my ignorance but what is a grinding compound? What could i use? Thanks!

cwaugh26 days ago

I've never seen anyone swap the gears, that is great. All the kits you can buy just come with a crank so you have to muscle the blades in reverse. I need to sharpen my mower and am going to give this a shot. Thanks for sharing.

ccgeek1 month ago

cool! I bought a reel mower at a yard sale for $10 and was wondering how to sharpen it.

Dani652 months ago