Step 2: Bits and Pieces

Picture of Bits and Pieces
Shopping List -
600 mm of 25mm square steel tube
>500 mm of 30mm x 2mm square steel tube - needs to be cut into 2 x 200mm , 2 x 50mm.
>600 mm of 30mm steel angle - needs to be cut into 4 x 30mm, 4 x 45mm, 1 x 230mm.

You can either have the supplier cut the steel or do it yourself.  If you do it yourself allow some extra length for the 30mm square and angle due to the cutting blade thickness.  Also after cutting you might want to file all the sharp edges.

5/16" nuts - at least 4 for the jig.  I bought a box as I can see me using them for more jigs and projects.
4 off   1" knob with 5/16" thread
5/16" Tee nuts - optional, for mounting the jig on a wooden base board
5/16" bolts - optional, for mounting the jig on a wooden base board

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