Step 7: Mounting

Picture of Mounting
I measured up and cut out a base from some 12mm (1/2") MDF.  I then drilled some holes to mount the grinder in the centre of the MDF base.  I also made some 40mm spacers from 40mm box section for the grinder.  I needed the spacers to raise the centre of the grinding wheels to that of an 8" grinder.  This one's only a 6" grinder.  Otherwise the jigs would not fit under the grinding wheels.

The centre line of the support tubes need to be in line with the centre of the grinding wheels.  After marking the mounting holes for the support tubes, I drilled some 3/8" holes, and hammered in some 5/16" T-nuts on the under side of the MDF base. I then varnished the MDF to seal it from moisture, grease and oil.

The bolts that hold the grinder on the spacers and base also hold it all to the stand.  The support tubes were mounted with the bolts and embedded T-nuts.

If you don't have a grinder stand, you could just mount the grinder using T-nuts and put some rubber feet on the base board.  You can then clamp the base board to a bench when you need it.  You can also mount everything straight onto a bench permanently without the base board.

One slight glitch was that when I mounted the support tubes the bottom of the tubes did not sit flush to the MDF base.  It seems the angles did not weld straight and flush with the bottom of the tubes.  It seems that the sides of the 30mm square tube are not perfectly flat but slightly curved.  So when the angles are welded to the sides of the tube they angle up ever so slightly.  I fixed this by shimming the outer side of the angles with some plastic from a margarine container lid (double thickness).  This was enough to make the support tube sit flush with the base board.

I won't go into how to use the jigs as there are many instructions on youtube and other sites.  Try the Onestep website
http://www.oneway.ca/sharpening/grind_jig.htm. For information on setup and using the jig checkout the Instruction Manual.
They also have some great instructional videos http://www.oneway.ca/multi-media/wolverine_videos.htm .